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The Top 10 Kitchen Tools To Own!

Having all the essential cooking equipment will make cooking much more effortless. Though kitchen gadgets come out in stylish and unique designs, you don’t need to buy everything to cook well. You need the very basics to start cooking. Do you know the top 10 kitchen tools to own?


Building a well-stocked and efficient kitchen will take a long time. Most of us will purchase or upgrade a specific cooking product over the years. Here are the top 10 kitchen tools to own that you should have.

top 10 kitchen tools to own

1. Nonstick Frying Pan

Every household needs a nonstick frying pan or skillet for making eggs and pancakes since they are best made on a nonstick surface. A versatile pan can handle different cooking methods. Please use tools such as sponges that do not scratch the surface. This stainless steel frying pan and this aluminum one is great. If you need to cook two meals at once, buying a two-piece set is worth it.

The nonstick coating provides a long-lasting nonstick feature. It is essential to use the right cooking utensils for nonstick cookware. Using steel or regular cooking spoons with a nonstick pan can damage its nonstick coatings. Always use spatulas and spoons made of nonstick coating materials.

When used and cleaned regularly, stainless steel cookware looks unattractive, while a nonstick finish gives your kitchen a modern styling touch. Having a uniform distribution of heat is important for cooking food quicker and saving fuel (gas). Nonstick cookware allows food to be cooked quickly without being burnt.

2. Saucepan

A saucepan is useful for cooking pasta, noodles, vegetables, etc. 4-quart saucepan is good for cooking because it’s easy to use. Try this nonstick 3.5-quart pot or this stainless steel 4-quart cooking pot.

A saucepan is a standard piece of cookware that is metal circular and has high sides. Besides, saucepans are designed in this way to prevent burning. The one’s walls allow more food and drinks to fit inside the saucepan. The less obvious reason is that saucepans have a large surface area. For this reason, saucepans are slightly taller than stockpots. Pots are used for braising, deep-frying, and boiling water.

Stainless steel is the most popular material for saucepans among cooks. Stainless steel cookware is used by professional and home cooks alike because it can handle the high heat needed for many recipes, conducts heat evenly, retains heat, and is easier to clean.

3. Stock Pot

For soups, stews, and kinds of pasta in bulk, you’ll need a 12-quart stockpot. This tool allows for even heating, so your soups are cooked evenly. Some large pots are used for making stock, soup, stews, and chili to boil noodles, pasta, corn, vegetables, and seafood. Stockpots are available in various sizes, from 8 quarts to 36 quarts for general home use and larger commercial use sizes. This is the optimal size for multipurpose use in the home. 

Many different stockpots and pot components are manufactured in a multi-pot configuration of an outer pot that holds a smaller inner pot. There may be an inner pot plus a steamer basket. There should be knobs on the pot’s side to enable easy removal of the pot from the stovetop when needed.

Consider the optimal width of the stockpot. This allows for easier mixing and stirring of food ingredients. Wide pots are more durable than having to store a taller standing pot. The material can be either stainless steel or aluminum-based. Aluminum is a good heat conductor, so this helps in evenly cooking the food. With stronger and thicker material, it will reduce the likelihood of food burning.

4. Sheet Pans

These pans can be used for many different tasks, including roasting vegetables, baking meats, baking nuts, and of course, baking cookies. Sheet pan dinners are convenient when they are cooked on a sheet pan. A sheet pan has a wide, flat cooking surface and a raised edge to make for easy lifting. Stainless steel pans can be made in three different sizes: full pan, half pan, and quarter pan. Sheet pans are found in commercial kitchens and at home, and well-made ones are durable enough for daily use.

A sheet pan is an extremely versatile utensil because it can cook many types of food items. Both parties are equally proficient in roasting vegetables and serving as an oven-to-table vessel for nachos’ melting cheese. This method gives you perfectly crispy bacon that you can serve alongside your saucy dishes.

You can even cook an entire meal on one heat source! These are referred to as “sheet tray dinners” and are very popular with stressed housewives and multitasking families. The kitchen is a good place to test out different recipes and ideas.

5. Knives

top 10 kitchen tools to own

When cooking, you are going to use a knife. Get a chef’s knife if you only have a little money and only one room for storage. You will use this for 90% of the prepping, so buy a nice knife and take care of it. We highly recommend getting knives that are perfect for slicing and cutting foods like tomatoes and bread.

The variety of knives you purchase also projects your cooking technique. There are fundamental techniques to cook the vegetable ends and chopping the onions. But some of us don’t do sculpture or produce paintings. Here is where the selection of knives could come into play.

Some kinds of scissors are fine for some people. You might like it for the way that it looks on the counter. Knives aren’t just for display. They’re functional items too. Many severe home cooks enjoy building their own sets, each knife that works well for them. Despite whether you’re buying the essentials or premium quality of a knife, a knife is a versatile tool.

6. Measuring Spoons

An essential kitchen tool is a set of measuring spoons. They are mini spoons because they’re for scooping spices and herbs. This magnetic set is designed to store spices in your spice jar, and they stick together when you close the lid.

A measuring spoon is used to measure liquids or the ingredients when you are baking or cooking. Many different sized ladders are available. Don’t you think it is better to rely on serious discussion and considerations?

Measuring spoons are always available in a set with units marked. The shaker cup enables you to precisely measure ingredients like sugar, flour, salt, spices, and even small amounts like a quarter of a teaspoon, half a teaspoon, half a tablespoon, and so on. Most measuring spoons will stack. This makes storage easier.

7. Measuring Cups

top 10 kitchen tools to own

Measuring cups are essential in baking, but they’re also good for everyday cooking. We like keeping a 4-piece set for measuring small portions of dried ingredients and dry ingredients. A 1-quart glass measuring cup makes measuring liquid more convenient and efficient, and also for sauces, condiments, and vinaigrettes can easily use it.

Measurements are beneficial because it accurately measures the results. You will be able to measure the ingredients before adding them to recipes accurately. Measuring cup sizes are indispensable kitchen tools that ensure you add the right amount of ingredients to the recipes. There are different types of measuring cups available in the market. 

These cups are more durable and available at affordable prices. The durability of measuring cups is significant as it is an everyday kitchen tool. The plastic measuring cups are not durable and are vulnerable. Sometimes the handle of these measuring cups bends under certain circumstances. It is wise to invest in good quality measuring cups as they will be used in the future.

8. Food Processor

This item alone can be regarded as the chefs’ favorite. You can shred block cheese or slice stick pepperoni in the cutter (both of which are much cheaper than buying pre-shredded cheese or pre-sliced pepperoni). You can also use it to make mayonnaise, peanut butter, whipped cream, and slice your vegetables in almost no time at all.

Food processors are terrific for turning mundane items into delicacies. It would be nice to add awesome hummus and guacamole when making our deviled egg appetizers. These foods are lightweight, bagged, and are easily removable from packages.

Food processors are an essential kitchen tool that will save you loads of time and discover ways to save time while preparing meals.

9. Slow Cooker

This cooker can be used to prepare many types of meat and vegetable-based soups. It’s the easiest way to prepare chicken for making anything, such as casseroles and pot pies. Season chicken, add onions into its cavity and cook it on low for 8-10 hours.

Place a colander inside a bowl. Slowly pour the contents of the crockpot into a colander. After gently lifting the colander, carefully allow the soup to cool before pouring it back into the saucepan.

The meat will fall off the bone, the skin is easy to remove, and you’ll have tonnes of cooked chicken for several recipes, as well as enough broth to drink. You can refrigerate a crockpot broth to make your soup or reheat it in a microwave later to enjoy many delicious meals.

This is great because cooking can easily fit into a family’s hectic schedule, with some family members eating at different times. Using this device, each family can cook delicious, hot meals.

10. Juicer

If you don’t own a juicer at all, buy one immediately! These are a must-have in the kitchen drawer. You can start now. It is also able to work as a juicer for vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, etc.

The machine can extract a greater amount of juice than the traditional juicers on the market. Besides, there won’t be seeds and pulp in your juice, and the waste pulp makes good compost material.

After drinking freshly made juice, you will not want to go back to store-bought juice anymore. Serving juice to your guests would leave you overwhelmed with appreciation. Juicers can be bought at a low price, starting at around $12. For the most rewarding investment, purchase a masticating juicer rather than a centrifugal juicer.


While there are the top 10 kitchen tools to own, you also have the ones that you don’t need. Save your dollars on items worth the money, not cooking tools you don’t need. 

top 10 kitchen tools to own

Garlic Peeler

We all dropped a couple of colorful one-liners while we impatiently stood in the kitchen, trying to pry off clove-by-clove feathery garlic skin. It’s no wonder then that the gadget market has flooded with garlic peelers—the kind you roll and the kind you shake. However, another trick can quickly take off these skins: press each clove gently on the flat side of a big chef’s knife. The skins are released when the garlic breaks, and they’re easy to peel. You can also cut off the root end of the garlic and peel it.

Panini Press

Unless you have developed a fondness to eat hot, pressed sandwiches several times a week, you can cook sandwiches in a hot grill pan or hot skillet for the same crispy crust. Get the signature panini compression by putting a strong pot on top of the cooking sandwich as a cast-iron skillet.

Apple Slicer

An apple slicer makes wedges as fast as you can say, “Who wants a snack? “But a knife can and should replace this single-use tool. The same applies to other single foods: mango pitter, avocado knife, grape slicer: your knife, and all those things you can do. You are a team of dreams.

Egg Separator

Unless you bake several cakes a week — and some of you, of course — there is no need for an egg separator. Sure, it’s small and takes up little space, but you can easily divide whites from yolks using your hands. Moreover, some of these separators are simply strange.

Pizza Cutter 

The pizza wheel is not easy – you’re ready to eat a few swipes over the oven pie. So why make it even more difficult to cut a pizza by inventing special pizza scissors? Who knows. Who knows. Also, anything thicker than the thin and crispy crust and hot cheese and tomato sauce can cover your hands.

Grape Cutter

It is easy to understand why a grape cutter—a device with a few grapes in a cylindrical chamber and a retractable cloth to cut them—would appeal to parents. You can’t feed your kids entire grapes, and a grape cutter is quick to cut them in half. But a knife does. This is another trick. You can simultaneously cut several grapes by placing the sweet orbs between two rigid cutting plates and slicing the fruit on a long knife.

Avocado Slicer

Again, the best tool for the job is a knife. An avocado slicer, a one-task tool, will not save you much effort in the great scheme. If you let younger cooks help you with dinner, you can put them on a butter knife that’s less than sharp. If the avocado is ripe and soft, it will slice.

Banana Slicer

Go forward and get rid of that slicer banana. Perhaps you purchased it as a joke. Maybe you think your kid could slice his snack himself. Whatever the reason, now is the time for the donation bin to go ahead.

Asparagus Peeler

You need a peeler to peel all of them — pumpkins, asparagus, carrots, and more. The blade of peeling asparagus is no different from that of other peelers. Asparagus peelers usually have an integrated knife or blade for trimming the woody ends of every spear. But as you probably guessed, a knife is just as easy to do that task.

Asparagus Steamer

In terms of green stalks, you don’t have to cook asparagus with a special pot and a steamer basket. The average eater of asparagus can take a tender plant with a normal steam basket or by jumping, roasting, or grilling.

Meat claws. Meat claws.

They sound great, but unless you smoke, shred and serve dozens of pounds of meat on the weekends or spin a whole hog on the spit once a week after work, beef, chicken, and pork can be cut out with two regular forks.

Electric Cooker For Eggs

Some (chicken) feathers can be ruffled with this suggestion, but hardening eggs are among the easiest cooking tasks. You don’t have to have a specialty cooker. You can even cook eggs in the oven if you like to have a more hands-off approach.

Burger Press

There is a wonderful desire to have uniform beef, chicken, or turkey patties for your barbecue backyard, but no need for any special gadget. You can use your hands to shape every patty – after all, it’s free. To ensure that the patties don’t shrink and shape when cooked, use the thumb in each patty center.


Some people have a few, and others have several of each tool. Kitchen utensils can easily be removed if they are not properly organized. Then it’s not just chaotic to look, but not functional when the time comes to have dinner. From the easiest ways to the most adorable displays, we have a quick list of ideas for organizing the next big meal to get all the kitchen utensils.

1. Hide Them In Drawers. 

A simple, fast, and easy way to control things. If you have a nice drawer to drop your tools cleanly and smoothly, do it! They’re off the countertops and easily accessible for cooking. You can even get inserts to help make various compartments for utensils of different sizes.

2. Use A Container That Is Minimalist.

Use a very minimal (in style) container if you want something clean and sleek. A glass or neutral-colored canister is a great look for a modern and monochromatic kitchen. The tools are easy to grasp but with a clever look. Maintain separate your wood and stainless steel tools with separate containers.

3. Just Put Them Over The Door. 

Use a storage mat over the door to remove all your tools. It is an easy and quick way to clean things up and to find and use them just as easily. You can also add a few other stuff in your pockets. Quick treatments, spoon measurements, napkins – you can’t find a place to organize anything. Decorate it with fun-colored labels and ribbons!

4. Build With Style.

Take a trip to the hardware store to collect certain items necessary to do so. The utensils are easily seen and hung from the countertops. Use colors that blend with your kitchen or even those that jazz up a bit against a neutral place.

5. Throw Them Into The Basket.

Baskets on a door or wall are a rustic country way to keep your instruments in order. It’s a little vintage, a male pinch, but a lot of charm. And if you have wall space, it’s easy enough to do it! You can even add a small label to help sort yourself. Have a bakery, serving, and cooking basket! Every tool has its spot with no space for chaos.


Food is one of the fundamental human needs. This makes a kitchen in any house an essential room. Kitchen tools can be hard to purchase because what you purchase is useful. If you move into a new place or want to replace existing ones, you may be asked to buy new kitchen cooking tools.

Know About Various Utensils.

There are numerous cooking tools available. Their use varies depending on what you cook or prepare. Some are vital, but others are optional. Spoons, cups, dishes, knives, and serving dishes are forced to buy, for example. Pizza cutter and can opener can, on the other hand, be optional. Make sure that you buy utensils individually in a set. Moreover, buy utensils like mixers that make cooking easier. Consider comparing KitchenAid mixers to make cooking the most efficient and useful.

Consider The Material Of Utensils.

Kitchen equipment can be made of wood, aluminum, Teflon, or stainless steel. Choose a material that is easy to clean for pots and pans. Spoons and ladles choose materials that will not scratch pots and pans when you cook. Purchase high-quality utensils that last a long time and will not require you to return now and then for replacement.


Consider the cash at hand before buying cooking tools. Go on to avoid financial strains for what you can afford. Go for very cheap utensils, as some may not be durable. If you don’t have enough money, you can buy single tools instead of kitchens, because they’re cheaper. For easy purchases, it’s good to budget, save money, and buy what’s essential at the same time.

Do Thorough Research.

Every time you want to buy kitchen tools, don’t go for anything on the market. Instead, take the time and research to buy different tools, their uses, prices, and places. If you don’t, you may eventually buy cooking tools that you already have or don’t need. Compare various tools for an extraordinary final decision. 

To find out more about various cooking tools, you can watch cooking shows or read cooking magazines. You can also read reviews before you buy products to identify the experience using various tools. It’s also all right to buy a tool that a friend or family member referred to you.


It can be a complex task to buy perfect cooking tools. It takes time to do research and budget to avoid errors. Also, compare the various tools on the market to choose the best. Consider the material you want to buy to avoid stress when using it. Besides, a budget before shopping to avoid straining or excessive expenditure is an excellent idea. Remember, you need perfect kitchen tools to make good food!

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