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Small Kitchen Layout Ideas That You Can use

A small kitchen layout must be plan according to your taste and, of course, must be strategically built. The forms and structures should be utilizing accordingly to ensure efficiency and to avoid cramping. There are six typical layouts of a kitchen that you can select. All were constructed base on the fundamental principle of a kitchen. They call it the ‘Golden Triangle’ where the three main work areas should form, such as the sink, the stove, and the fridge. It was still the best way to design a kitchen, especially when the space is limited.

To give you more insight into it, we listed down the key details that you must know. If you plan to set your kitchen, this part would be essential in your decision. So here are the examples of layouts for a small kitchen.

L-Shaped Small Kitchen Layout

It is the most common kitchen design and also the most appropriate for any size. The L-shaped kitchen works well for a smaller kitchen because it is easy to incorporate a small dining table and maximum storage.

As you can perceive in the image, an L-shaped kitchen must build against the walls at the room’s corner side. Each workspace will meet perpendicularly with each other. It offers space and could handle two cooks at the same time.

U-Shaped Small Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout believes to be the most flexible for all sizes of cooking area. This design shows the three walls ruled with cabinets and appliances. The advantages of this layout are it offers a compelling work triangle and more storage space. Owners can build more cabinets, which you can place on all sides. Most chefs and cooks love this layout because it allows them to access the kitchen area.

G-Shaped Small Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout describes as having a preparation area point and four walls of storage. The term ‘G-shaped’ use because if you see the structure from the top point of view or blueprints, the size looked like the letter ‘G.’ So for easy distinction, they call it a G-shaped design.

Keep in mind that this layout is often considered in a small kitchen because it provides all the advantages and access needed in a cooking space.

One Wall Small Kitchen Layout

This kitchen layout is most useful in condominiums, studios, and small homes. One wall kitchen describes as all appliances, cookware, kitchen utensils, and preparation areas are within reach. The sink is strategically on the wall, typically positioned in the middle of the fridge and oven. The counter space is in between both sides of the stoves.

Keep in mind that you have considered if you are a left-hander or right. Placing the appliances exactly where you are comfortable will avoid possible disturbance in your cooking time.

Parallel Shaped or Galley Kitchen

This layout of the kitchen is practical for long and narrow spaces. The workspace is placed on two walls, facing each other. The spaces between them let the cooks or the owner move freely. Also, please don’t ignore the counter space that it can provide. There are lots of them, and you can put them on the wall or floors. It allows more room for tasks, and you can place your fridge at the end of each workspace. This design is comfortable and adaptable.

Kitchen Island Layout

The last layout would also be one of the best and functional designs that other homeowners love. This layout is a combination of L-shaped and an extra island counter or a straight line design kitchen. The additional counter in the middle is for the sink, cabinet, or oven.

It is a blend of style, beauty, and modern options. The advantages of this design are it reduces workflow, and it provides a comfortable distance between the island and the wall-mounted cabinets or fixtures.

This design is perfect for multiple kitchen tasks that most of the family uses and gathers.

Tips for Small Kitchen Layout Designs

If we have limited space in our kitchen, we consider the layout that it must have. Now we know the six standard formats and choose which one we will use; the next step would be putting in some interiors to make the small kitchen looks cool and classy. Also, the goal of the interiors and accessories helps the space seemed big. It has a significant effect on the area, so we have to be careful about the interiors.

We list some ideas. It will surely help you build your cute little kitchen.


The lighting has a significant factor in small spaces, especially in a kitchen. Dim lights are not advisable. It would be best if you have bright and shiny lighting over the sink and your stove. These are important because you have to see the food you are cooking and the dishes you are washing. Moreover, good lighting also makes space seemed bigger.


Specifically, indoor plants are also a big help in a small kitchen. You can place them on the top of the fridge to brighten up space.

*Mirrors on the Walls

Have you noticed some small resto that has mirrors on the walls? If yes, then you have an idea about what I will say next. Yes! Mirrors work miraculously in small spaces! Mirrors reflections made the small room seemed bigger. This trick works a lot. If there’s a mirror, people wouldn’t mind how ample space was because they noticed the mirror.

*Be organized

A small kitchen wouldn’t emphasize its space when it is neat and organized. Your kitchen utensils and cookware must arrange accordingly in the cabinet. Whether your storage is open or not, be sure every time that they place nicely.

*Rollers and Moveable bar

You can also gain more space by using rolling carts or moveable kitchen bars. You can quickly push them anywhere you want to.

*Floating Tables

Floating tables are best for an L-shaped kitchen layout, especially if the kitchen faces a blank wall. Use the space and install a table that can fold down when you do not use it. It is a smart trick when you are dealing in a narrow area.

Make your Small Kitchen Splendid

Being small doesn’t mean useless and should be ignored. Instead of sulking on what you have, why not make it grand and splendid? Let’s put it this way. Small spaces are vulnerable to cramping and cluttering. It would be hard for you to move around and cook comfortably. But this can prevent by taking advantage of the space instead of perceiving it as its downside.

Here is the advice we often see and encounter in our daily lives that effectively make a small kitchen splendid.

  1. Paint your kitchen bright colors. White is a common choice because it possesses elegance, purity, and light. Also, it enhances the small space that your kitchen has, and it made the walls recede. Color white also use to create a unified space without edges.
  2. You can also consider open cabinets instead of closed ones. For some, closed cabinets seemed to restrict the spaces. But if you opt for the closed cabinets, try to use paint with light color.
  3. Uniformed materials also have a significant effect on your small kitchen. You can match your fixtures in the color of your appliances to make a simple interior. It will indeed boast its simplicity instead of its lack of space.
  4. Add a rug that will provide warmth in your small kitchen. Please choose a color and pattern that match the interior for its simplicity and uniformity.
  5. Reflective exteriors are also a big help in small kitchens because they add natural reflections that will double the space. Examples are stainless steel fixtures. It will indeed make your small kitchen splendid and relaxed.

Small White Kitchen

As mentioned earlier, white is the best and standard color use in the kitchen. We consider it timeless and elegant. It is the perfect color for a place where we believed the core of the home. Though decades passed, and the kitchen’s traditional white color became out of a trend, the white paint would always be the best choice.

It is irreplaceable. And to show that it isn’t time for the white color kitchen to be totally out of the option, look to your examples of a small white kitchen. Indeed, you will change your mind and set your kitchen’s color immediately.

The Timeless White Kitchen

Some say that this design is boring, but most people say otherwise. Well, we couldn’t blame them. The timeless white kitchen didn’t fail to offers grace and a perfect spot for guests. And hello! Let’s face it! This design would never go out of style, no matter what other critique says.

The Classic White Kitchen

This example of a small white kitchen radiates sophistication and classic. To complete the look and interior, you can also put pendant light and barstool. However, you can only do this if you still have space in your kitchen.

The Penthouse Kitchen

This example of kitchen uses the combination of parallel and island kitchen layout painted in all white. The color and cabinet are thoroughly compelling and striking.

The Organic-Modern Kitchen

This design is a combination of straight and island kitchen layout that offers space and comfortability. It truly gives inspiration for creating nutritious food for your loved ones.

The White New Orleans Kitchen

You could also consider bright white for kitchen design arrangement with a cabinet of choice, flooring along with dark color. It will give balance and sophistication in looks.

The Contemporary Kitchen

This example of a small white kitchen offers a space full of character. Contemporary kitchen mostly is the embodiment of the smooth, simple design. Highlights include shelves of choice painted in a light color.

The White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

You can also consider upgrading your small kitchen into a white modern farmhouse design! You can place an island. Either sink or oven, it’s up to you whatever you want to put on the island. It offers a modern design and purpose.

Advantages of small kitchen

Be a fan of your cute little kitchen. Boast out their advantages. Let others think that small kitchen is better to large cooking place. Here are the details that will make you awe little kitchen prowess.

  • It’s less expensive! Compared to a large kitchen, small kitchen can only accumulate less expense in renovations, restoration, or building techniques.
  • Having a small kitchen are also capable of using high-end material. Of course, its size will not require more supplies, so, in the end, the owner can provide the best of the best materials. Hooray!
  • A small kitchen also has an advantage in terms of design. Due to its limited space, the plan is also limited. The result would be it could only offer little option. Do not put this in negative way. Having limited space can give you more detailed attention to every part of your kitchen.
  • A small kitchen provides better ergonomics. Unlike a large kitchen, getting a slice of meat on the fridge could be bothersome and require you to use much more effort than in a small kitchen. This tiny space could simple accessible in everything you need. In just one turn, you get your meat without putting in much effort.


Small kitchens are one of the essential parts of our little home. It is the ideal place to make and serve food to our loved ones. If this place has only limited space and we couldn’t even relax, then this part of your home will only turn into the worst location that we only want to ignore.

Before everything turns into a disaster, know the advantages of having a small kitchen, and use it against their downsides. Also, a small kitchen can utilize. All we have to do is use some tricks that are undoubtedly effective.

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