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The Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas On A Budget

These days, no matter how big or small your house is, you are likely to spend a lot of time in your kitchen. If you live in a tiny house, you need even more from your kitchen because storage and surface space is at the top of the list. Luckily, we’ve found out that with a few tiny kitchen tips, and you’re going to make sure your kitchen is perfectly organized and functional. In this article, you will find out about the best small kitchen design ideas on a budget.

It takes time to cook in a cluttered space. Also, it’s very stressful. You don’t feel organized or focused. Now that I’ve figured out what worked to keep my kitchen clean, tidy, and in order, cooking becomes something we’re looking forward to as a way to unwind at the end of the day. Using the essentials of this tiny house kitchen, you can quickly prepare meals. 

Small Kitchen Design Ideas On A Budget

small kitchen design ideas on a budget

Whether you’re planning a tiny house kitchen or you’d like to organize a kitchen you’ve already had, there are a few tools to level up your culinary game. In this post, we’ve gathered our favorite kitchen solutions to share with you today. Here are our small kitchen design ideas on a budget, in no particular order.

A. Slide-out Trash & Recycle Bins

Slide-out trash and a recycling bin are handy when you need it and hidden when you don’t. These pull-out bins are great space-saving appliances for tiny house kitchens.

If you have full-profile counters, take advantage of the space in your tiny house kitchen with a slide-out cabinet for your trash bins. You could also include the slide-out storage of items in the pantry (cans, boxes, and non-perishable items). These simple solutions maximize narrow spaces and help you fit all the things you need in your little kitchen.

B. The Hanging Rail Of Utensils

Use the IKEA Grundtal rail system to keep your utensils and kitchen tools out of the counter and within reach. It seems like many people are keeping a tell-tale overflowing crock on their kitchen counter, stuffed to the brim with cooking utensils and other essentials of the kitchen. While these crocks are (somewhat) functional, they take up counter space, which is already limited in the house’s tiny kitchen. Instead of the crock option, save valuable kitchen real estate by hanging out your utensils and tools with S-hooks.

Before you lock yourself into a storage utensil solution, start by eliminating as much as you can. All you need is a few essentials. Adopting this mentality will allow you to reduce the amount you need to organize first.

The Grundtal, while being an excellent name for a disgruntled bridge troll, is an IKEA rail system that is affordable and very popular in tiny house kitchens. One word of caution before you start to hang all your kitchen tools—stay down and evaluate which items you need and use regularly.

C. Hanging Dish Rack And Paper Towel Holders

A hanging dish rack is a great space-saving essential in the tiny kitchen of the house. Continuing the vertical storage theme of kitchen organization, you might want to consider a hanging dish rack. A hanging rack keeps your drying dishes away from taking up valuable counter space. Both sachets and jars are used for storing and displaying plates, freeing up cupboard space.

Over-the-sink dish racks are trendy and common in small kitchens. The racks can also be used to keep dish soap, olive oil, salt, and pepper bottles, keeping them within reach within your kitchen. It would help if you considered stocking your kitchen with tools that you use all the time—Mount a short rack above your sink for easy dishwashing.

D. Kitchen Sink Reliever

This over-the-sink cutting board provides extra counter space and a built-in drain for convenience. This tiny house kitchen greatly optimizes the limited space.

When you are cooking up a storm or needing more space, this compact portable work area is perfect. With the cutting board installed in the bathroom, you now have extra counter space over your kitchen sink.

You can also use a chopping block to expand your table workspace or counter. This is helpful to entertain guests in your tiny house. Put dishes on the table, remove the block when ready to serve and eat.

E. Vertical Or Horizontal Dividers For Shelves

Vertical dividers, like these dividers made from tension rods, are useful kitchen items for keeping cutting boards and baking sheets in order. Even if you rarely cook, you know how destructive moving food from one plate to another is. Small cupboards in tiny house kitchens are unstable locations because of loose pans.

Efficiently utilize your kitchen space with the tools of bakeware organizer or vertical dividers. Storing pans on their sides with vertical dividers solves space by simply storing them with dividers. The picture shows a few ways of dividing your camera bag so that the items are easy to find and access. Either way, a vertical closet will keep your room organized and accessible.

small kitchen design ideas on a budget

F. Square-shaped Steel Boxes

Rectangular containers are easier to stack and put away in a tiny kitchen.

If you care about a tiny house kitchen, you’ll have to own quality, uniform, and modular, stackable containers. Try not to think about getting a bunch of mason jars. These jars are pretty and unique, but they are hard to organize or store. If you have a square-shaped storage container, you can store your food items in them. This fridge’s stackable feature is critical if your kitchen is compact because every extra foot is essential.

G. A Better Alternative To Normal Styrofoam Cups And Spoons

Collapsible measuring spoons and cups really help you sort your dry ingredients. Store measuring cups and spoons away once you have finished cooking. They’re easy to clean, so you can use them to prepare small quantities of food without difficulty.

There are all sorts of other things that tend to break into pieces – colanders, washing basins, top hats, and more.

H. Measuring Spoons

Adjustable measuring spoons and cups are a relatively common addition to households. Like this, stainless steel and black kitchenware saves people from lots of hassle and worry in the kitchen. Some cooks use measuring spoons, but they take up too much space in the kitchen.

If you think having too many gadgets in your kitchen is a bother, then a set of color-coded measuring cups and spoons will be great for you! If there are three adjustable teaspoons, this reduces the number of measuring cups and spoons. We stand behind anything that makes work easier and provides clutter-free space.

I. Wire Baskets Under Shelf

Under-shelf storage space under your dishes could make your dishware more useful and look more organized. With insufficient space for storing utensils in a kitchen, you have to group similar utensils. You should lay the elements out and measure their size carefully. This protects you from the frustration of installing shelving that’s too deep or high.

You can still use the extra space you have in the storage cupboards. Organize your kitchen properly so you do not have a risk of falling and spoiling your utensils. You can find these at the Container Store, Walmart, Target, or another type of store.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas On A Budget: More Tips

small kitchen design ideas on a budget

In this case, it may be not easy to arrange to sit for a crowd around the dinner table. Tiny doesn’t have to mean monotonous. Here are extra tips for small kitchen design ideas on a budget.

Repurpose The Drawer With Useful Kitchen Tools

In this way, the knife organizer provides an attractive and functional knife rack to your kitchen area. In this small kitchen redesign, geometric materials and paint complement each other well.

Create A Kitchen Nook

This one-wall kitchen layout is very creative because of the inserted dividing wall into the studio apartment. The cabinets are recessed, and space has this room-like feel from the kitchen’s complete open layout.

Organize Your Kitchen To Make Maximum Use Of Available Bench Space

An induction hob allows space for extra equipment and preparation in this kitchen. The tiny extractor tray located above the fireplace looks more attractive too.

Add Upscale Furniture And Finishes

This decorative marble backsplash creates a sophisticated look in the center of a modern white kitchen. Large wooden storage cupboards provide a division between kitchen and dining room scheme.

Add Some Of Your Personality

This L shaped white kitchen design is a charming one with a white and neutral color scheme.

You Should Decorate The Room To Distract From Its Limited Interior Dimensions

Many people enjoy using decorative and functional kitchen clocks in their homes. This chunky beige retro analog clock and sundial faces these shelves is available here. Even in this country-style small u shaped kitchen, wine decanters, storage jars, carafes, and dry foods have been installed.

Use Double Bank Wall Cabinets To Maximize Their Commercial Real Estate Space

Adding an extra row of wall cupboards to your small kitchen enables you to store more stuff in it.

Increase The Usefulness Of Kitchen Items

small kitchen design ideas on a budget

This little space holds a lot of good ideas for small kitchen storage. Wine racks, mixing bowls, and water jugs are lined up at the corners of every room of this apartment.

Use Lighting Creatively

LED strip lights create a luminous glow around the end tables by the windows in the hallway. Also, your units can be a dazzling addition to your tiny little backyard.

The Color Scheme Should Be Natural And Pleasing To The Eye

Make a small kitchen feel fresh and clean by choosing a neutral color scheme. Neutral doesn’t simply mean beige or cream. Pair white pattern tiles and marble worktops with duck egg blue kitchen cabinets for a crisp and stimulating visual arrangement.

Invest In Fungible Goods

In a small kitchen, you should think out of the box when it comes to storage. Instead of investing in ordinary cabinets, this shelving unit adapts well to your kitchen’s needs. Add racks, glass shelves, and even wine racks when there is no space to work with, every second count.

Do Not Overwhelm Your Audience With Too Much Style

small kitchen design ideas on a budget

Do not go all out with bold tile patterning in a small kitchen. A strong pattern on the floor makes the room feel less big. Every inch of a kitchen should be creatively utilized. A copper planter can bring some color and decorative delight to your kitchen.

Create A Hiding Space For Appliances In Your Breakfast Cupboard

Hide the toaster, kettle, and coffee machine away so that they do not detract from the kitchen’s look. You get your favorite device ready for use the second you open the cabinet. One way to make the best of your countertop space is by stacking some kitchenware items.

Replace The Extractor Hood With An Induction Hob

This induction extractor hob is a useful device in a small kitchen. It means you can take out a bulky hood at the hob to free up some of the cabinet space. If you do not require an extra cupboard, then don’t put the shelves on top of the cooktop.

Flip A Table Into A Kitchen Island

Installing a kitchen island in your small kitchen is a bad idea. In a long narrow kitchen, extra counter space is added while keeping the kitchen open and uncluttered. Think about where to choose an island with lots of storage space underneath. Since the extension counter was hung slightly over the countertop, the four bar stools fit easily under the island, preventing accidents.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets To Match The Color In The Walls

Paint all the cupboards in the same color as the wall. This works very well for a white or grey scheme. You can see that every space in the tiny kitchen is crammed with storage cabinets in the kitchen.

Turn An Awkward Corner And Turn It Into Suitable Utilization

A small kitchen requires you to use every inch of available storage space. It would help if you put your cooking needs under the “kitchen” door rather than the “cabinet” door. This pull-out drawer maximizes space and makes sure you can find that frying pan you always reach for.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas On A Budget: The Kitchen Basics

Here are the items to get you started in the kitchen: Here are some basic ingredients that can help you in the kitchen. Everything from utensils and containers to cleaning products and kitchenware will be used every day in cooking. FInd out the kitchen basics for small kitchen design ideas on a budget.

A. Measuring Cups

Also, essential in the kitchen to obtain an exact measurement of those items. A set should contain one teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, one tablespoon, 1/2 tablespoon, one teaspoon, 1/4 teaspoon, and 1/8 teaspoon. Even when it comes to cooking, it is still good practice to follow the original measurements and season it to taste.

B. Measuring Spoons

For solid, dry things like flour, sugar, cheese, bread crumbs, and heavy cream, and for liquids like milk, cream, water, broth, and stock, Your set should consist of 1, 2, 3, and 4 oz.

C. Tureen

This is useful for getting rid of cooked pasta debris. A colander can hold up to at least one pound of cooked pasta.

D. Bowls

Preppers widely apply them. Use the large ones for making meatballs, use the medium ones for preparing vegetables, e.g., carrots, potatoes, and celery, and use the small one for whisking eggs and sauces.

E. Knives

It is an excellent habit to separate your raw foods when storing. It is best to use the bigger one for meats and the medium one for vegetables and herbs to reduce food contamination risk.

F. Wood Utensils

These spoons are good for sauces, sauteing, and general cooking. Use them on the non-stick pans so you won’t damage their coats.

G. Oven Mitts

These are great for cooking too, because they allow you to get every tidbit that is left out of mixing bowls and pots and pans. They are so flexible that they can reach into the smallest cranny of a room. Gather not up!

H. Food Utensils Set

This set is ideal for tasks like ladling soup, mashing potatoes, frying food, and cooking. The metal turners can slide clearly under meats and seafood, and they’re also suitable for stirring-fries.

I. Small Plastic Tongs

These utensils can be used for manipulating pans and ingredients in general. A well-known tool but ignored in many people’s minds. I think the smaller size makes it easier to use all the time.

J. Whisk

Use plastic cutlery for beating eggs, sauces, gravies, and batters. It’s always a good idea to have extra types. Small is for eggs, medium for sauces and gravies, and large for batters.

K. Cookware Set

An admirable list. Skillets are best used to saute meats and veggies, fry meats and seafood, and cook eggs. You’ll end up using these a lot, you know! The pots are good for making sauces and gravies, and the 5 quart is excellent for cooking soups, boiling rice and pasta sauce.


The kitchen is the most crucial room in any house, and you want a spacious and well-equipped kitchen in your home. The trend of downsizing and micro-homes also meant that kitchens will become smaller. Hopefully, these small kitchen design ideas on a budget helped you to find the most suitable kitchen design for your space.

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