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How to Update a Kitchen Without Renovating

Update a kitchen without renovating is simple the best way to make it look brand new. Renovating would be costly if you wish to look your cooking place feel cozier. Sometimes, the cost would depend on how it needs to overhaul. But you don’t have to go over with that. You can modernize your kitchen without breaking your bank.

All you have to do is research on how to update a kitchen without renovating. And this article is the perfect site to know useful ideas. We gather all essential data, and indeed, after reading this, you are so much ready to transform your kitchen into an extraordinary one.

How To Update a Kitchen Without Renovating—Know the signs!

Updating a kitchen isn’t a thing you can do anytime, mostly if you have a tight budget. Why are you going to update it if everything seems okay, right? However, appearing okay doesn’t mean it was outstanding.

To know if it’s time to update your kitchen, evaluate the whole area and its content. Look if the sink needs to replace, the cabinet’s crack needs to fix, and things that seemed worn out that call for immediate attention. Yes, having this little damage can make your kitchen still useful but hey! These minor damages could give troubles like it could trigger pests.

To give more detailed signs you need to update your kitchen, here are they.

Out of Trend

The trend is the new normal nowadays. It is one of the signs that most homeowners considered why they choose to update their kitchen without renovating.

Compared to ten years ago, the kitchen designs are not the same as the years today. Manufacturers have new and innovative kitchen furniture that can be added now in your cooking area that is useful too. New cabinets and other small appliances available at a reasonable price that’s so ‘in’ today could help modernize the kitchen’s look.

If this is why you want to update your kitchen, you want to go for looking and feel it right.

Different Function

Homeowners want to have their different kitchen functions. If you came to your house and left alone, your kitchen was designed for you ‘alone.’ When the time comes that you tie a knot to your long time boyfriend and it’s time for him to move in, then this is perfect for adjusting your kitchen function into two.

Examples of this are buying new furniture and adding space for him/her. If he also wants to have a coffee area near the kitchen window, you would make adjustments.

Consider this as giving space for new people that will come into your life. Update your kitchen without renovating for them.

Appliances Replacement

As mentioned before, worn-out appliances are one of the signs why you need to have an update. Your devices 10-20 years ago are not as reliable as before. If they continue giving you a headache in terms of maintenance, it’s time to change them and buy a new one. Updated appliances also provide you with relief. They offer upgraded purposes to make the end-user life easier.

Aside from these, you could also replace your worn out kitchenwares and utensils. To make your kitchen looked classy and stylish, try to uniform your appliances and utensils. It will make your kitchen look cool.

Also, in addition to work-out appliances, old ones can consume power higher than the new ones. Consider this as a reason to change them too.

Continuous Damage

The kitchen is one of the parts of the house that use regularly. Therefore, this area is vulnerable to damages and breakage. Things like rags, utensils, storage spaces, microwaves, and toasters are mostly prone to this. That is why you need to evaluate your kitchen and see these signs. These damages are needing for immediate attention to update your cooking place.

Designs are Worn Out

Homeowners also consider the kitchen’s dark and creepy ambiance as a sign that they badly need to update their kitchen. Stain in the tiles, old curtains, and worn-out paint also asking for attention. These are some of the explanations why your kitchen gives you a creepy feeling.

Business Purpose

If you live alone and want to have an extra income, adding a tenant in your home isn’t a bad idea. However, this could be a sign that you need to adjust in your house and mostly in your kitchen. There are two reasons why: for privacy purposes and, of course, to make the kitchen appealing for a potential tenant.

It will help increase its value and affect your potential tenant’s renting decision. If your potential tenant made an ocular inspection of your house and saw your cute and stylish kitchen, indeed, it would be a ‘yes’ for him/her.

How to Update a Kitchen Without Renovating—How frequent?

In updating a kitchen without renovating it, the number of times we must do it would depend on how bad your kitchen needed one. If you have many occupants in the house, your kitchen’s chances of breakage and damage frequency would be high.

Often uses of your rags, sink, tiles, utensils, cabinets, small appliances, and cooking wares in a large number of occupants would lead to early kitchen updates. However, if you live alone and don’t regularly stay in your home because you are out of work most of the time, the chances of updating your kitchen would be small.

Moreover, the ability to spend money on updating your kitchen also matters. If you want to update your cooking place frequently, it is possible too.

Ways How to Update a Kitchen Without Renovating

After knowing the signs that you badly need to update your kitchen, here is the ultimate guide to upgrading it without even doing some major repair. Remember, you can do something to make your place look relaxed and comfy even if you have a tight budget. All you have to do is be wise and creative. To give you more insight, read some of our useful ways to upgrade your kitchen.

Update #1: Paint your kitchen.

            This way is convenient and excellent. You can ask someone to do it, but if you can handle it, why not? It is also the best way to make a connection with your loved ones. Call your family to help you paint the kitchen. There’s nothing that could beat a personal touch, right?

            The most suggested color for the kitchen is white. You can also try gray, cream, or any color you prefer. It will indeed transform your entire kitchen into a modern one.

Update #2: Light it up.

            The LED light displays can also consider in giving a new look to your kitchen. You can browse your favorite online selling platform and look for a potential one if you don’t have time to go out.

            Illumination is one of the best ways to change your kitchen image. It can also look big or small. It will depend on the color. As suggested by the majority, bright lights are best for the kitchen. Putting also some highlights will give another look for your cooking area.

            Remember, lightning could also affect the mood of your loved ones while eating their meals. According to experts, bright light could increase a person’s emotions and senses. If you have dim or low light, it will likely affect the person’s appetite and concentration.

Update #3: Additional Storage.

            If cabinets are beyond salvation, consider changing them into island storage. You can choose either with rollers or not. Also, you can put cute containers that will add as storage and design as well.

            For worn-out wall cabinets, try replacing them and installing open cabinets for new looks. Paint it according to your motif and taste. You can also add lazy Susan, additional shelves, and dividers. These new things in your kitchen will put life and warmth. The good news is, you didn’t spend too much money on buying these things, right?

Update #4: The Triple C: Cover, Curtain, & Counters.

            This triple C has a significant effect in upgrading your kitchen without renovating. Changing their colors and placing would instantly enhance the look of your kitchen. You are putting cover to places they didn’t use to would give them a new look. For example, your countertops can put a trendy cover or pastel colors to provide the area warmth. Light color curtains can also bring light and grace. Changing counters or repainting them could make your outdated kitchen into a trendy one.

Update #5: Wall Arts.

            Fill your blank walls by putting paintings, cross stitches that you made, or framed things that fit your kitchen. It will add warmth and grace to your cooking area.

Update #6: Wallpapers.

            Wallpapers are also less expensive than a can of paint. If your budget is super limited, you can consider putting in a cute design wallpaper. It will add dramatic style to your whole area. You can put this alone or ask your family to help you.


This article shows that you can update your kitchen without even spending so much. You don’t have to call an expert to upgrade your kitchen. If you can do it on your own, then go. This way, you can do the design you prefer inexpensively.

Also, there are signs that you need an upgrade, but aside from this, you can again do it just because you please. We hope that these ideas help you decide on how to update your cooking area. Bring your kitchen to another level by changing the way it looks and the way how ambiance feels. You can do it!

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