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How to Arrange Appliances in Small Kitchen 2021

Arranging the kitchen appliances does not only require looking for the right location for their placement. A highly accessible location where some of the kitchen appliances would be easy to get is the best thing area that you need to find out. But, take note that there are also dull areas inside the kitchen where you can house some of the kitchen appliances. Knowing this, you just need to have an idea on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen.

As we go along, we will give you the basic step in organizing appliances inside the small kitchen area. Moreover, we also have here different storage ideas that can generally help in arranging the appliances within the minimal space inside the kitchen. So, if you are one of those having a problem in dealing with the small area inside your kitchen, check here for some helpful strategies that you may consider.

How to Organize Small Kitchen with some Appliances

The kitchen is actually the messiest and busiest part of the house as the entire cooking and baking take place. That’s why it is really a struggle when the kitchen is too small and that there is little space to move around. However, you still need to make it generally functional by organizing it. Since it is small, how to organize and how to arrange appliances in small kitchen is very challenging.

how to arrange appliances in small kitchen

Here are some of the strategies that you can do in order to organize things inside your small kitchen:


Basically, the initial step to take in organizing and on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen is to clean it. Most of the time, the kitchen space is always full of cluttered kitchen essentials and different cookware. That’s why it is very important to clean most of the time in order not to load up your kitchen with lots of stuff.

A small kitchen stuffed with utensils and tools generally requires cleaning well and cleaning often. Doing this will result in an easier kitchen organizing process.

2-Begin with the area with limited space

Another way on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen and organize things out is to start on spots that have limited space. These areas are those that can accommodate specific things like the kitchen drawers and cabinets. Initially, sort these areas at the start of the organizing process and move essential things inside the cabinets.

Kitchen drawer is the best place to store utensils and knives. Most likely, these kitchen wares generally fit inside the top portion of the drawer. Also, put all of the other frequently used kitchen gadgets on the topmost part of the drawer or just the drawer next to it.

Meanwhile, the funnel, strainer, or other not so commonly used kitchen tools should have space in one of the cabinets. The bottom portion is the best area to store foils, Ziplock bags, and wraps. Or, another option that you may consider is to place the pots and pans, large bowls, and colanders at the lower level of the kitchen drawer.

3-Consider proximity on their frequent use

Generally, this technique in organizing the small kitchen is the most strategic one as you’ll have to place other items in its dedicated zones as much as possible. Example, you may consider placing baking sheets and baking pans closer to the range because it is where most uses of these kitchen tools occur. The most common place to put baking pans is in the hanging cabinets just above the range.

4-Let organizers work with space

Small kitchen basically necessitates the use of organizers in organizing the kitchen. Generally, using drawer organizers is one way on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen. However, there are drawer organizers that do not really help in fitting some kitchen tools inside the cabinet.

Basically, acrylic organizers are a good choice as they are very functional and fit perfectly on the drawer. Moreover, one of the great features in using acrylic drawer organizer is the aqua liner at its bottom portion.

5-Put similar items together

Obviously, the easiest way to find things is to categorized similar items together. In order to help in how to arrange appliances in small kitchen, generally put the frequently used in the lowest portion and the least used in the higher cabinet level. Moreover, in order to maximize the small space, consider placing the refrigerator underneath the cabinet.  

How to Arrange Appliances in Small Kitchen

how to arrange appliances in small kitchen

The kitchen is generally more than just a room with wide functions yet restricted flexibility based on its content. Mostly, big appliances such as the refrigerator and range are highly necessary for meal preparations. Yet, in other homes, coffee machines, dishwasher, toaster, microwave, and other appliances also take up come space.

All of these items are pretty much important in preparing meals that generally consume a lot of space. In case you like to take up space properly and organize your small kitchen, the key here is the correct way on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen. Additionally, it will also maintain the cleanliness and the clutter-free feature of this highly functional room.

How to arrange appliances in small kitchen: the basic triangle layout

Mainly, the refrigerator, dishwasher, and the range are the major appliances inside the kitchen. With this, it generally requires the conventional triangular layout as it offers the most efficient arrangement. Usually, this positioning of the major appliances entails the placement of the refrigerator; next to it are the sink or the nearby dishwasher, and the range. These three appliances should follow a triangular position with leg placement of about 4 and 9 feet long.

Generally, the triangular arrangement of the major appliances in the kitchen permits the ease of movement between the appliances during meal preparation. Most of the time, the sink and refrigerator placement come close to each other while the range is within the open area most of the time. The good thing is that you can adjust the triangular layout to suit the dimensions and kitchen features. Yet, please take note that all three major kitchen appliances are in a close location with each other. This is one way on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen.

Arranging appliances in small kitchen: the hanging microwave

Most homeowners find the microwave as one of the most important kitchen appliances. Having this reputation, the microwave needs an effective area to be placed into. However, this appliance is generally large and takes much of the space within the countertop. So, the best way on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen like the microwave is to place it below one of the kitchen cabinets.

Through that, the countertop is very much available for meal preparation and other smaller appliances. Check for the wall mounting accessories included in the package of the microwave. This will generally support the installation easier. Some microwave just requires the attachment of the mounting plate within the wall stud and drilling a hole to place the power cord.

How to arrange appliances in a small kitchen: the appliance garage

Frequently used small kitchen appliances such as the coffee maker or toaster are highly accessible if left out on the countertop. But, being there on a full sight on top of the counter provides a messy kitchen appearance. So, one of the best ways on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen is to create an appliance garage to store the regularly used small kitchen gadgets.

This is basically a specialized cabinet that is mainly located on the corner of the kitchen in proximity with the meal preparation area. But, keep in mind that there should be electrical outlets within the area so that small kitchen appliances will be easily plugged in. Usually, it has doors with either flip-up or roll-up feature that hides them from the sight of people when not in use.

Ways to arrange appliances in small kitchen: the pull-out trays

Usually, if you have a small kitchen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you do not have to use large kitchen appliances. However, having one is such really a struggle if your space in the kitchen is so minimal. Yet, these large kitchen appliances are not advisable to be left out on the countertop. So, another ideal way on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen is to use pull-out trays.

This is generally beneficial in eliminating the eyesore and freeing-up the space on the counter. Needing to use the appliances only requires the simple pulling out of the tray. This is basically the location of the appliance. It should be ready to work area for the appliance so that it does not require lifting of the appliance. With this, it also reduces back strain.

Arranging appliances in small kitchen: the hardly accessible kitchen cabinets

Another preferred technique on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen is the use of some high-level cabinets and shelves. Actually, these cabinets do not purpose than to house seldom-used small kitchen gadgets. Yet, doing this generally needs to follow some important tips.

Tip #1:

Small kitchen appliances or kitchen tools that are frequently used need to be stored in the lower level of the cabinet.

Tip #2:

The heavier the kitchen appliances, the lower the shelves it should be placed into.

Tip #3:

Kitchen cabinets located on dead corners of the kitchen such as those below the sink are the best storage options for rarely used appliances. Taking out kitchen tools inside of those cabinets are really hard. So, appliances that do not have more uses are better to rest on this. Keep in mind that the frequent it’s usage, the more proximate to the waist levels you must have to store them.

Moreover, these kitchen cabinets are also perfect for storing huge-sized pots, mixing bowls, canned goods, and other kitchen tools that are used rarely or for just a few times per month. For your convenience, consider making a list of the kitchen appliances or tools you put inside the particular level of the cabinet. Taped it outside the cabinet door so that you will automatically have an idea where you would be picking such items once you need it.

How to arrange appliances in a small kitchen: the free-standing kitchen cabinet

Whether big or small, kitchen appliances are really space-consuming. So, how to arrange appliances in small kitchen especially if you do not have enough space inside your kitchen cabinet. Well, the best solution for this is the free-standing kitchen cabinet.

However, you may generally stake some of your money on it. But, it is such a big help if you had almost tried everything in arranging the kitchen appliances in your small area but nothing really happened. So, better to take small bucks out of your pocket for this one.

Moreover, there are available free-standing kitchen cabinets that are made from good quality wood material. They generally have a sturdy appearance and able to hold a few small appliances but only eats up minimal space. There are also other free-standing kitchen cabinets made of metal that also looks sturdy.

Ways to arrange appliances in small kitchen: the old cabinet make-over

If you really don’t have a budget for this small kitchen organizing project, the best solution on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen is to use old cabinets. There may be available cabinets in your house that are not necessarily intended for your kitchen and are not already capable of housing huge-sized appliances. Basically, this needs some of a little bit of adjustment.

You may generally take off one or more layer within the middle portion of the cabinet so that there would be more room for kitchen appliance storage. This would be an ideal room for housing small mixer or pots. Moreover, doing this will give way for the top shelves to store small items with lighter weight like mugs or serving bowls.

Arranging appliances in small kitchen: think for other options

If you do not have much luck and it seems that your kitchen space is a little bit smaller to cater the above-mentioned options on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen, then you might have to shake your brain a little bit. But, please keep in mind that the kitchen is yours and it is inside your house. Meaning to say, you have all the control in making the rules so, it is all up to you if you would keep all those appliances inside the kitchen or you will look for another room inside the house.

Final Thoughts

Basically, the ways and strategies on how to arrange appliances in small kitchen involve the main keyword “frequent”. Keep in mind that if you store kitchen appliances, especially the smaller ones, you must have to consider the frequency of its use. The more often the kitchen appliance is being used, the closer these appliances will be needed to place in the cooking area.

Remember, if you used the appliance on a weekly basis; do not store it on a hardly accessible area. As such, those seasonal appliances must be stored accordingly on cabinets that do not require much of opening. This way, you can organize your kitchen in a clutter-free look.

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