Best Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use

You might just need the best outdoor projector for daytime use. You have to admit it; whether you are on vacation or about to give a presentation, you will require a projector at some point. Visual media such as PowerPoint presentations, movies, as well as picture slideshows can no longer be confined to dark places. People are currently moving at a rapid pace with an unpredictable schedule, so you need to make presentations even in broad daylight. You can’t always be dependent on ambient lighting. Because of this, your projector needs to be able to handle an excellent contrast ratio.

The images should look crisp whether you are inside or outside. Projectors must have a high lumen capacity, which will make it capable of providing optimum image quality because of the boost in the brightness. Even if you have no intention of utilizing your projector screen outside, it should be powerful enough for daylight viewing in any case.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Projector for Daytime Use


The brightness of the screen is obvious, and you would certainly go for aiming for the highest brightest on the market. However, this is not always the best option.

A projector’s brightness is measured via lumens. Lumen means a brighter screen. But if your projector has too much brightness, it can result in eye fatigue or show an extremely bright screen with few details.

It is crucial that the brightness matches the surroundings. Daylight viewing requires a high lumen count. But if you are before a small group of people fewer than 100, the maximum lumen count required is about 3000.

Once the number of viewers increases to 200, you will have moderate lighting, and you should go for a 4500 lm count. If you have a bright light among all of this, it is crucial to go as far up as 6000 lm for the optimum and undisturbed viewing pleasure.

Contrast Ratio

The second thing you need to consider is the contrast ratio. It is of primary importance. The contrast ratio makes a difference between the dark and bright areas of a screen. Higher ratios result in bright parts being much brighter and vice versa. Contrast ratios bring depth to images on the screen.

For the optimum daylight projector, you will require devices with a high contrast ratio so that the light and dark parts can be seen at their best. If you do not apply this, you will be left with a bright screen that has no depth.

Lamp Life

Lamp life will tell you about the number of hours it can work before requiring a replacement. However, this count is not entirely 100% accurate. In some cases, you may need to change the bulb earlier.

Keep in mind that changing the lamp can be expensive, which is why you should opt for projectors with a long life. It mitigates the chances of having to replace the bulbs soon, and you can get the most out of your existing one.


It is crucial to get a good resolution from your screen. A good resolution is good for viewing images. You are able to view more details with a high-resolution. It gives images additional clarity and complexity. The reason is pixels make up the images. Because of this, the colors and every detail is able to merge better, and details appear smoother.

When it comes to professional users in the boardroom, the projection will require presenting financial spreadsheets or architectural studies, which tend to be complicated graphics, so you need to have an HD projector at the very least. Since you are viewing graphs and data in light, an HD 1080 P resolution can help bring details better and make it crisper.

Video projections, whether you will be utilizing them for school or work or home entertainment, also requires an HD 1080 P resolution. It is recommended, however, to go the extra mile and opt for a 4K resolution if the budget allows it.

When you utilize the projector in offices where projections will be based around charts and graphs, a decent resolution will get you off the ground. Indoor presentations do not require you to get a 4K or even a 1080 P if you find that these products are costly. Lower specs will suffice.

Can You Use a Projector Outdoors?

Many people are unsure if projectors can actually be used outdoors during the day. The reason is it is even hard to use your smartphone under the sun, so it must be a challenge to watch a huge projector screen image outdoors.

This sun is brighter than projectors, so it is crucial to utilize a projector that is extremely bright with an optimal number of lumens to compete with the sun during daytime viewing. If you utilize a high-quality projector with optimum lumen count, then you can utilize it outdoors during the daytime.

Although projectors can be utilized outdoors on sunny days, if the lumens are high enough, it is still not possible to watch your projector under direct sunlight. It is crucial to have some shade in the location for better resolution. However, if you can pull it off, it is better to set up a projector screen than a large outdoor television since projectors will be much cheaper.

The Type of Projector Matters

When you want to utilize a projector outdoors, it is crucial to factor in the type of projector. It is crucial to make sure that your projector can properly display regardless if it is a sunny or cloudy day. On the weekends, you’ll want to play your favorite movies and don’t want to wait until the night to utilize them.

The number of lumens that your projector has will make a huge difference in the image quality on the screen when you’re watching outside during the daytime.

If you are using your projector outdoors regularly during the daytime, your projector will require you to have at least 3000 lumens. Ideally, you should purchase equipment with 4000+ lumens for optimum viewing in part sun or indirect sunlight.

Ideal lumen count

when it comes to figuring out how many lumens you will require for your projector, there are two factors to consider:

The screen size of the projector. 

Amount of sunlight your projector will be competing with.

Different Screen Sizes of Projectors

When you examine the number of lumens, the screen size you are projecting also plays a huge part. Keep in mind that a small screen will only require fewer lumens to be bright enough under direct sunlight compared to a twice as big screen.

To give you a ballpark, a 16 x 9’ projector screen will require a minimum of 3000 lm. But the best number of lumens will be around 4,000 for daytime use outdoors. As the size of the projector goes up, the number of lumens will also follow.

Regardless of the screen size, you should choose a projector that has at least 3000 lm if you are utilizing it outdoors during direct sunlight. The more you get higher lumens, the better. At the very least, you can have a decent performance out of your projector with 3000 lm for outdoor use.

Viewing your projector outdoors

Your projector will be competing with the brightness of the sun. Because of this, the amount of sun your projector is located in will make a huge difference. You will require a considerable number of lumens for a projector that is positioned near indirect sunlight at all times of the day. But you will require less for a part shade projector and even fewer lumens for full shade projectors.

If there are no built-in shaded areas in your location, it may make sense to build a shaded structure with limited covers such as a gazebo or tent.

How to Choose the Best Location for an Outside Projector

If you’re looking for the best spot to put your projector outdoors, there are numerous locations that you can place it. You should factor in the number of lumens it has and place the projector screen.

Top 3 Best Outdoor Projector for Daytime Use



Product Name: TANGCISON Home Projector Video Projector

Product Description: This best outdoor projector for the daytime is sleek and attractive. But it has enough power to fulfill all your projector needs outside. The optimum resolution and brightness are able to support the 1080 P HD video, which provides clear and crisp videos on almost any screen projector. You can get up to 106 inches of amazing images whether you are utilizing it indoors or outdoors. You also have the advantage of connecting your smartphone or laptop to the projector screen with ease and even play your gaming devices on the big screen. It is more powerful than the competition. Additionally, it functions as quietly as a laptop. You also get up to 50,000 hours of video, meaning that the lamp won’t need to be replaced for 2 decades, that is, if you only use it 5 hours a day, 7 times a week. Although a shaded environment will require the optimum viewing experience, this best outdoor projector for daytime use is amazing for outdoor viewing as well.

Availability: InStock

  • Technology
  • Durability
  • Image Quality


This portable media projector features have numerous inputs created with a vision combining convenience and entertainment for people to have fun and enjoyment. It is suited for indoor and outdoor use to bring you optimum visual and auditory enjoyment. The portable design and easy to carry engineering make it effortless to set up this screen anywhere, whether for backyard parties or live sports streaming.


  • Portable
  • Multiple inputs
  • They are suited for indoor and outdoor use.


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

2019 Upgraded ABOX LCD Video Projector

If you want an optimum viewing experience, all the while never leaving the comfort of your seat, this projector is the best for you. This portable A box projector not only gives you excellent video quality but comes with remote control as well. Since it functions with such high brightness, you can watch any movie or TV show outside. It is also perfect for tailgating or camping.

Keep in mind that the projection will appear brighter than other led projectors. It has a crisp and clear image. You can even connect your portables to this projector for the optimum viewing experience.                  

You also don’t have to replace your lamp soon since it is guaranteed to last for up to 50,000 hours even if you watch a couple of films every day. Meaning this portable projector is an investment for outdoor and daylight viewing for numerous years to come.

This set is perfect for projection performance since it produces crisp images even in bright sunlight. This high luminance allows viewers to be seated furthermost and still clearly any slide or presentation on the screen. The image quality has vibrant colors in the pictures and videos and provides fine details as well.

  • Produces crisp images even in the bright sun
  • High luminance
  • Fine details
  • No negative reviews so far

Epson Pro lumens Color Brightness

The color of the Epson Pro projector is black. It will be able to blend with a viewing space when the lights are off. In the daylight, it can be easily seen, so it is a shame that a majority of projections aren’t light-colored.

It can also produce a resolution of up to 1280 x 800. Dark colors will look darker, and light colors will look crisper with such an amazing 3600 lm capacity.

You can also project from your laptop wirelessly without having annoying cables with you. It should be an eventually handy feature if you are giving a presentation and want to walk around the room.

Take your viewing pleasure to the next level with this best outdoor projector for daytime use. It offers improved features and connectivity and delivers up to 3600 lm of color white brightness. Enjoy the pleasure of vivid and colorful images.

  • Projector for daytime use
  • Enhance connectivity for laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • 3200 lm of color white brightness
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

There is nothing like viewing images on the big screen. In many cases, not even the most giant television can match the size of the projector. The best outdoor projector for daytime use provides you with a movielike experience. If you want the best viewing experience, it is crucial to invest in this piece of equipment for your fun and enjoyment. It is also ideal for use on the job and provides you flexibility in presenting your work under any condition.

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