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Best High End Induction Range

The most current technology in cooktops sets us free from traditional ways of cooking food. You don’t need stone, wood or gas. This new technology is popularly known as induction cooktops. Utilize induction cooktop, which frees you from having to worry about gas. The only requirement is electricity. The best high end induction range is super-efficient smart, quick and completely safe for any cooking activity.

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4 Things to Look for in an Induction Range

Best High End Induction Range

An induction range is a smart choice because of the technology factored in it. The design is so advanced that it provides benefits that are certainly irreplaceable. The top advantage will include energy efficiency and time-saving. However, there are crucial factors you must know and consider before purchasing one. The following are features that will help you purchase an induction range for your needs.


It is crucial to purchase an induction cooker with several burners. It enables you to prepare several meals at once. However, if you are single and live alone or prepare food only for a few people, you can opt for a double or single cooktop induction appliance. But if you have a large family and usually prepare numerous meals at the same time, it is crucial to get at least a 5-burner induction range. If you can buy models with cooking zones that can be connected into a larger area, don’t miss that chance.

Pan detection

Several induction cookers come with an automatic pan detector. It enables the device to detect the size of the pan and provide just enough heat for that size. This feature is very energy efficient since it keeps the rest of the surface cool and safe from any accidents.

It also enables the equipment to detect when the pan has been taken off. After this, it shuts down almost at once. It is energy-efficient and increases the safety of the induction range.


This ability saves you time and effort. Some recent models come with a built-in self-cleaning system. The system is integrated into the panel, which burns off and melts the grease wedged on the surface, preparing it for the final step of cleaning. All you have to do is wipe the grime off. Additionally, some current models have steam cleaning technology. It does an awesome job by itself however such models are on the pricier side as expected.


Several induction cookers come with good manufacturer warranty contracts. It enables you to return or exchange an appliance in case of trouble. It is a safe way to go no matter what product you purchase, especially if you decide to purchase something on a higher price range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Induction Ranges

Best High End Induction Range

Is it safe to use an induction range?

It is completely safe to use an induction range. It is one of the safest devices on the market for cooking food. In works on magnetic fields. Because of this, it doesn’t create direct heat. You can touch the induction panel and you will not feel anything. However, never attach the panel which you have just used for heating since the heat from the pot will be retained for several seconds.

The heat will last for about 30 seconds, but after you have removed a warm pot, you can put your hand on the induction range again without accidents. This is the notable security feature of an induction range. Another safety feature of an induction range is the fact that it requires an appropriate utensil to harness the electromagnetic circuit’s capability. Once it is removed, the circuit should be interrupted and there is no additional risk. After setting, the induction is able to switch off.

What makes an induction range unique?

The main difference between induction range and other stovetop types is its efficiency and effectivity. The open flame system of the gas cooker is able to heat the pot, but it also heats the surrounding air near the pot as it heats up its contents. Similarly, the glass-ceramic stovetop manages to create plenty of heat on the surface which is then transferred to the pot area.

When it comes to induction ranges, it is the cooking utensil which becomes the heating tool. When you put cookware above the induction surface, the magnetic field is able to penetrate into the metal components. The magnetic field is created at all sides of the pot, and a flow is generated which is termed induction.

As the induction revolves around the metal structure of the cooking utensil, energy is released. It is how the metal gets heated up and though the conductivity and heat flow, it gets transferred to the solid or liquid food contents of the vessel. Another huge difference is the safety of the equipment. Induction tops are by far safer than any other type of cooking device. Removing the cooking utensil immediately shuts off the heating process

It is worth buying an induction range?

Best High End Induction Range

If you enjoy the speed and control of a gas cooker and the convenience and ease of glass-ceramic cooktops, then induction ranges are the best equipment for your kitchen. But you need to check your current pottery before you buy an induction range. Keep in mind that not all types of cookware match this type of stovetop. You may have to buy an entirely new set of quality pots and cooking utensils, which could cause a significant increase in your switch to induction cooking. Overall, it is an ideal investment that will evidently have positive changes in the way you prepare food.

Is inductive range energy-efficient?

It is extremely energy efficient since it uses a specific amount of heat needed to heat the food and also by going off as soon as the cooking utensil is removed from the surface. Keep in mind that the induction range really doesn’t get warm during the cooking process, so there is no heat loss. Heat goes into the pot and the food.

Is it easy to clean and maintain induction ranges?

These ranges are easy to clean and maintain because of its extremely smooth surface. Additionally, some of the models have a built in self-cleaning option.

Do induction ranges make a lot of noise?

A bit of noise can be heard from the cooling fans placed within the device. You can hear it as vibration like effects. Other than that, there shouldn’t be any loud noises.

Is it all right to place my cookware pot near an induction range?

You can place the induction cooker on the surface and the device will detect it, but never place it near the controls.

How do you clean and maintain induction range?

It is effortless to clean an induction range. All you have to do is get a towel and moisten it with warm soapy water. Squeeze out excess water and gently clean the range in circular motions. Repeat this process several times utilizing clean water and rinse out the soap from the towel. Never use abrasive wipes or material. Use only toxic-free cleaning products.

Is replacing broken glass of induction range costly?

Depending on the model of the brand, it can cost from $100-$800.

Is it safe to use an induction range around children?

Yes, it is completely safe. Typically, induction ranges will come with kids’ safety control which can be activated. When it is set, children cannot use it. Also, majority of induction cookers will not work unless there are pots or cooking utensils on the surface. Once the pot is removed, the induction cooker immediately shuts down.

A Tip on Maintaining an Induction Range

Induction ranges are extremely sophisticated appliances that can serve you for years. It has advantages if you learn to use and maintain it properly. Each manufacturer provides specific maintenance and user guidelines as well as rules and recommendations. However, there are top tips to follow regarding the maintenance of your induction range you should follow.

Examine the safety bracket 

It is possible to overturn the induction range, especially if the safety bracket is not tightly locked. To protect young children and senior citizens, always make sure that the bracket is locked in as soon as you position your new induction system range. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

Top 3 Best High End Induction Range



Product Name: The Frigidaire

Product Description: This best high end induction range is one of the best on the market according to numerous experts, especially when it comes to the design of the burners. It also has well-engineered self-cleaning feature and pan detector. A good plus is it comes with warranty. This model has an oven which may be a necessary for some users. However, the extraordinary specification of the product will definitely make you want to purchase it. Enjoy faster cooking with induction method. Prepare meals faster and get them on the table with induction technology. Get water boiling in less than 2 minutes. Reduce the clean-up time. Effortless cleanup is something you can enjoy. Additionally, this product heats up the food speedily instead of the cooktop. Spills never burn the surface. You also get exceptional temperature control when you adjust the heat. It is better than a glass or electric cooktop, especially at lower settings. Quickly preheat food in just several minutes. Frigidaire utilizes true convection technology since it circulates hot air through the oven for speedier and more uniform multi-rack baking.

Availability: InStock

  • Technology
  • Capacity
  • Durability


This fantastic product has 5 burners, which allows you to prepare numerous dishes at the same time. The best thing about this product is the pot zones can be expanded in the range. It is a unique feature of the Frigidaire model since and only a few models with these features are available on the market.


  • 5 burners capacity
  • Prepare numerous dishes at the same time
  • Pot zones can be expanded in the range


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

GE PHB920EJES Electric Induction Range

Best High End Induction Range

This best high end induction range is one of the safest, reliable, and convenient appliances on the market. It has earned numerous national and international survey regarding its safety, durability, and heat precision technology. This is possibly the best purchase you can have for your kitchen. It is completely made in the USA and you can expect amazing features from this product.

Without a doubt this induction range deserves its certifications. It utilizes precise heating technology which exerts the right amount of heat necessary to cook food in the pot. It is energy-efficient, extremely fast, and convenient. Users rave about its heating system. You can wirelessly control every function from your smartphone. It has a wide and seamless surface making it easier to wipe away the mess. You can control a couple of elements with a touch of a single button and create a larger cooking surface for bigger cooking utensils such as griddles.

  • Numerous certifications
  • Precise heating technology
  • Energy efficiency
  • No negative reviews so far

Kenmore Elite


This is one of the best high end induction range on the market. It is a 30-inch-wide freestanding induction. The Range utilizes 4 burners that come with the individual control system. It has a built-in fast cooking system that is connected only to 2 of the individual 4 burners. The warming element is high-quality and comes with a warming drawer.

It is one of the top recommended induction ranges on the market since it comes with additional features and safety regulations that will ensure a speedier and safer cooking process. The manufacturer offers an option for additional years of warranty at an affordable price point, which is something you should consider. This induction range also has amazing self-cleaning system which save you time and energy.

It can help brown everything in your oven from turkeys to pies awesomely.

When it produces a magnetic field, it is able to heat the pot and pans directly via cutting edge induction. It is able to bring your favorite meals to a boil at once, saving you time and resources.

Induction helps you deliver a spike in temperature to crisp anything. The pan size detection sensor is able to tailor the energy necessary to heat pots and pans of varying sizes. Because of this, overheating and underheating is mitigated and cooking is consistent.

  • Power boost technology
  • Self-cleaning
  • Pan size detection sensor
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

Although every cooking equipment will certainly guarantee amazing meals depending on your skill, level cooking devices are not created equal. It is crucial to take advantage of current technologies in cooking for energy efficiency and safety. There are numerous products on the market, top of which is induction ranges, which is the product of research on cooking technology over the years. Aside from its amazing performance, it is also a prime piece on your kitchen real estate because of its sleek looks and top-notch construction and materials.

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