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Best Hand Mixer With Dough Hooks – Our Top 9!

Having the best hand mixer with dough hooks in the kitchen is an essential tool that a baker or food fanatic must-have. They are useful for combining ingredients, mixing dough, whipping creams, and beating eggs. Make every cook easier. It saves time and energy.

But there are so many product lines in the market. How can you possibly know if it’s the best hand mixer with dough hooks? Is there are a possible way to tell?  What are the factors that need to consider in buying the best product?

Before we answer that, let us first show you what we’ve got. Despite the wide range of models, we come up with and narrow the choices into nine products. And this isn’t only about limiting the options. These products are carefully selected based on their ability and capacity.

Here are the products we choose and only the best according to their competence.

Dualit 4-Speed Professional Hand Mixer Check Price
KitchenAid KHMB732BM Cordless Hand Mixer Check Price
Braun HM5130 MultiMix Hand Mixer Check Price
Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case Check Price
KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer Check Price
Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer Check Price
VonShef RED 250W Hand Mixer Check Price
LILPARTNER Hand Mixer Electric Check Price
Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer Check Price

So there are our best choice products. The basis of our review depends on value for money, quality, and durability. We also consider their features, accessories, and function why they shine all the rest.

Best Hand Mixer With Dough Hooks: Definition

A mixer is a cooking tool that has different types, such as a stand and hand mixer. It is a rotating mechanism to make whipping, mixing, and beating in a bowl that contains food or liquid easier. By changing its beaters with a dough hook, the mixer could also use in kneading. A mixer is also known as a handheld eggbeater or drill beater that differs in size, features, and abilities.

Best Hand Mixer With Dough Hooks-Advantages

Before anything else, let’s determine why we need to go over intense research in discovering hand mixer’s purpose. Here are the benefits of using such a cooking device.

  1. They are the best tool for combining ingredients. A hand mixer is better than stand mixers because you can move this around, unlike the latter. In terms of weight and size, they are much easy to carry and store.
  2. Hand mixers also possess the features technical features of stand mixers. They are reliable in speed and in-depth mixing. It can penetrate the deep part where stand mixers couldn’t because of fixed position.
  3. Hand mixers have easy access. If you are in a hurry, just grabbed it and started to beat and mix your ingredients.
  4. Because of the small size, hand mixers are ideal in a kitchen that has limited space.
  5. Hand mixers are also cheaper and easy to clean than a stand mixer. You can use it in any bowl.

Hand mixers are not simple appliances that have simple tasks. Keep in mind that their number one purpose and advantage make the user’s cooking and baking life more manageable.

Best Hand Mixer with Dough Hooks Buying Guide

You don’t have to be an expert user to know what is the best hand mixer. However, you must know the key features that would indeed give you a better performance. Keep in mind that you have to buy the best cooking tool because you deserve it. Also, you are looking for a kitchen device that will serve you for a long time. Hence, durability is a must.

Aside from being handy and these features, check out these additional factors that may help you decide to buy the best hand mixer with dough hooks.

The base of the Hand Mixer

In buying the best hand mixer with a dough hook, always consider the base. There’s nothing flawed with being fascinated by a cute curvy hand mixer. However, this affects its performance. It is best to choose a straight body hand mixer. Also, be sure not to choose a small base hand mixer because it will keep on tumbling over.

Do not forget about the stability of this cooking device. Always remember that a hand mixer must be capable of standing straight without the cord inclining over.

The Settings and Controls

A hand mixer should be user friendly. Although reading its manual is a must, using and following its instruction must be comfortable and won’t give the user a hard time grasp how it operates.

Moreover, the best hand mixer with dough hook must-have speed choices such as low, medium, and high. It will help the user select the mode for a particular mixing purpose. Also, buttons and controls must easy to navigate. Speed settings that are not smooth in controls will give you a hard time operating and, worst, create an accident like pushing it at the wrong speed. The best rate of hand mixers is five speeds. Having more than that is a bonus. Some manufacturers include ‘turbo’ in control. It is a big help to batter off harsh ingredients to mix.

You can also encounter hand mixers with a timer that helps combine ingredients that prevent them from overwhipping. There is also a hand mixer with a built-in light that lights up bowls for an effortless inspection. 


The handle must also consider in your buying decision. Do not buy a hand mixer that you are not comfortable holding. Also, consider a non-slip grip hand mixer for easy and handy use. Users prefer padded, curved, or silicone clutches because it is easier for them to hold the Mixer. You can also consider this option as long as you are comfortable.


Keep in mind that the average wattage for a hand mixer is 200 to 250 watts. However, this wattage could only handle lesser mixing tasks and if you are looking for the best and more robust hand mixer, go for 350 watts. It is ideal and probably could give you an impressive performance.

Comfort and Weight

The weight of a hand mixer must also consider. The ideal weight for it is 1.5 and doesn’t include the attachments. 1.5 pounds are not too light and not too weight. It is just so perfect. Remember that lower than that could be brittle and weak. Some consider more than 1.5 to 4 pounds.


Yes! Color does matter in choosing the best hand mixer with a dough hook. The reason was so simple. Kitchen devices like mixers must also look good. And the color depends on it. There is a different color of Mixer that you can choose and you can pick the color that matches your kitchen or small appliances’ motif.

Also, colors can be useful in terms of cleanliness. The white or light shade of a mixer could easily see the stains, and you can clean it easily. However, dark colors could hide dirt as well. Both are helpful in their way.


As was stated earlier, that hand mixer is easy to store because of its compact size. However, the most known storage solution includes a clip-on base mixer. You can remove the attachment and cord too to keep it there. It is a huge help to store the attachment properly and not mix it with other kitchen silverware. Some brand includes storage bag or case. Better to look for these features in buying a hand mixer.

The price of the Hand Mixer

The price must also weigh in buying your hand mixer though not all cheap is advisable to buy. There are cheap hand mixers that contain cheap materials that do not perform well. But despite these, there is also an expensive hand mixer that didn’t satisfy your whipping needs. So which is which?

Remember that specs will say it all. Look for the specs, product reviews and check the price. If all of this is a win-win situation, then add it to your list. Do this again and again until you narrow your choices. From there, start choosing and deciding which could fit your taste and budget.

The Attachments

Every hand mixer has a beater included, but some companies added other attachments such as dough hooks. There are some manufacturers offers attachment separately and give a considerable discount. They are doing this because they want their clients to have buying options.

A buyer must also consider the appearance, style of a beater, and its other attachments. Some beaters are made-up of wire and coated with silicone that avoids scraping the bowl in the ongoing activity.

Dough hook attachments are bent and hook-like gear that use for kneading dough rapidly. The best dough hook is stainless steel made than aluminum.

The Warranties

Warranties are essential in buying any appliance, whether it is big or small. It will challenge consumers’ trust in the company’s service and reliability where you purchase a particular product. Generally, hand mixers have a 1-year warranty in parts and service. If the hand mixer breaks and the damage were caused by malfunctions or factory defects quickly, some companies would offer a replacement.

Warranty differs on its policy, so the best thing to do is check the packaging warranty info.

Now for our Top 9 Best Hand Mixer with Dough Hook!


Product Name: Dualit 4-Speed Professional Hand Mixer, Chrome

Product Description: We rank this cooking device as the best among the best. Why? Only because it possessed the features that anyone could ask for in a hand mixer. It's like a jack-of-all-trades type of small machine that could do both commercial and home use. Dualit features that made it a star are its unique manually retractable electric cord and integral plug. The materials of this cooking device are stainless steel that is not prone to rust. At 300w, the Dualit could serve its user a great power. Its long beaters and dough are just so perfect for giving the best performance. Both could reach even the bottom side of the bowl. Another good thing about this product, it is well-balanced, and you could easily rest it upside down. The base of this Mixer is also one of the best. It is durable, and the back comes with a rotating base that gives another use. It performs as a cylinder to pull in the electrical line for easy storage. Dualit design could easily capture anyone's heart. Thanks to its glossy finish and sexy curve that made it more appealing. The handle is comfortable to grip, and the control of speeds is easy to navigate. Its four-speed is just so ideal for beating, kneading, and whipping. For changing attachment, push the eject button to release the beater and replace it with a dough hook. The opening matches the accessory to guarantee that the added part gets into the right place. The best part is the availability of safety features to prevent this cooking device from overheating.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock



Overall, we are 100% sure that Dualit 4-Speed Professional Hand Mixer is the best choice you could make. If you search for a cooking device useful in whipping cream and kneading that is easy to control and navigate with a powerful motor, this is the best pick. Buy now to make your cooking life more manageable.


Sleek and appealing design. Four-speed control. Retractable electric cord. Easy to use. Durable.


The weight is 3.8 pound, and it is a bit heavy for other.


KitchenAid KHMB732BM Cordless Hand Mixer

Our next best choice of a hand mixer is from KitchenAid. We must thank this company and all those people who are behind this beautiful cooking tool. They are the reason why cooking life nowadays is much comfortable. Creating a wireless hand mixer provides an excellent looking device and saves our time and effort.

This rechargeable KitchenAid hand mixer could create 200 cookies as long as it is full-charged. You don’t have to worry about the level of available power in the lithium-ion battery because it has an indicator. It would quickly tell you if it’s time to fill it. You won’t wait long to charge this device because it will only take two hours. Imagine that? After setting, it could serve you more cookies! It’s superb!

Moreover, the KitchenAid hand mixer’s key features that will surely make you add it to your list are its soft start features, speed, and easy operation.

This cooking device has seven speeds that could provide a wide range of modes for every ingredient you want to mix and blend. Also, attachments include a dough hook and can easily replace it when the need arises.

Overall, KitchenAid KHMB732BM Cordless Hand Mixer is ready to use and easy to navigate. It is easy to clean, and the accessories are dish washable. Add to cart, check out, and wait for the time you can finally use this magnificent cooking device.

  • Cordless.
  • It has the soft-start ability and easy navigation.
  • 7-Speed.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It wouldn’t give you a hard time in charging.
  • Not advisable for the heavy task.

Braun HM5130 MultiMix Hand Mixer

Our third best hand mixer with dough hook is a cooking device made by Braun. We choose this because of critical features such as powerful 350 watts that could serve the user and create cookies and cake. It is also useful in making icing, mash soup, and anything you want to blend with less effort.

Its vertical motor designs offer comfort in mixing a wide range of ingredients. You can knead dough without pressuring your arm. Getting the best mixing and smoothing performance with ease is a huge bonus.

According to our research, most cooking enthusiasts love this product because of its easy-grip that comes with effortless control. The speed is just easy to reach by a thumb and could change the mode in an instant.

The handle is slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about being messy and working conveniently. It is easy to clean, and you don’t have to think about the liquid that could penetrate the device. It is entirely impenetrable so that you can clean it thoroughly.

Attachments include whisk and beater in-one, meaning they fuse these two attachments for combined action. However, it is light that won’t give a user a hard time to use despite connected accessories. Other extra parts are a sturdy dough hook and chopper that provide a comfortable action performance. All these are safe in the dishwasher.

All in all, Braun HM5130 MultiMix Hand Mixer wouldn’t just meet your expectation but exceeds them. Buy now to make your cooking life better.

  • Comfortable and one-hand control.
  • Excellent attachments.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Provides power that users need.
  • It has 2.2 pounds. Perfect weight.
  • Not advisable for thick doughs.

Cuisinart HM-90BCS Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case

This product is well known for being the best value that won’t sacrifice the quality. The good thing about this product is it comes with a storage container, and placing it somewhere in your cabinet wouldn’t be a problem. This hand mixer also comes with many extraordinary features that will indeed make you want to have it.

One of its highlights is the SmoothStart with three speeds and followed by high speed. Gradually beater will begin to perform until you put it under leading speed control flawlessly. Despite its 4 pounds’ weight, you will not notice it while in use. Its extra-long beaters could perform well and easily reach edges and fast that lessen the time you use it.

The attachment includes dough hooks that are easy to insert once the beater remove. Both beaters and dough hooks are proficient in kneading and mixing. They give unmatched circulating action fast.

This handheld mixer has a 220w motor that serves a powerful whipping function. The buttons are simple to operate with speed control until 9th mode. Do not forget that this item has a limited warranty. Read the packaging for the full info on warranty options. Spatula and recipe books include in the packaging could help you in your cooking life.

  • It has a compact storage case.
  • Smooth start feature that helps avoid splashes.
  • Easy to use and clean. Also, safe to use in the dishwasher.
  • Limited warranty.

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer

Once again, KitchenAid product didn’t fail to give us useful products. The KitchenAid Ultra Power 5 Speed Hand Mixer is one of the most recommend cooking devices because it possessed both affordability and quality. Aside from these, here are the key features why we all recommend this hand mixer.

It is a space saver. If you have a narrow space, go for this one. Also, it only weighs 2 pounds. Due to its size and weight, it is easy to control and operate. Despite having lightweight, it possessed a powerful motor that runs 145 watts. As mentioned earlier, below 200w are not advisable for a hand mixer, but this breaks that notion. This small but terrible hand mixer can perform well in mixing and other kneading tasks.

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5 Speed Hand Mixer has a cord that can be a lock for working convenience. Although it cost cheaper than any other leading hand mixer, it can take a heavy task and perform like any other high powered device. The control button of this device is on the top for easy reach.

Attachment only includes stainless steel robust beater; however, you can add and order dough hook for maximizing its purpose. This product provides slant handle features for a comfortable grip, and the last essential part of this item is its warranty. Users can get a 1-year replacement warranty. Read their warranty instruction for added info.

  • It offers a variety of colors.
  • Lightweight and easy to control.
  • Save energy consumption for having a 145w.
  • Five-speed superb operation.
  • It would help if you bought a dough hook and other attachments.

Hamilton Beach Professional 5-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton is our next pick in terms of a high-grade hand mixer. It’s ergonomic and sleek design guarantees effortlessness and efficient mixing performance. Also, there is a wide range of exciting colors. You can include it in your option for uniformity of your kitchen appliances.

This item’s standard key features are materials made in stainless steel and plastic; the wattage is 120, weighing 3.5 pounds. You can also expect that it can clean by using a dishwasher. The five speeds are useful in mixing ingredients depending on their purpose.

To get the best result in mixing and kneading dough, use the slow mode gradually until reaching the best blending method. Let us appreciate the gradual process because this may lessen or minimize the splashing of the ingredients.

Moreover, one of the highlights of Hamilton hand mixer is it has QuickBurst button which very helpful when your encounter challenging ingredient. It will add pressure and power to the mixing process until it reaches satisfactorily blending.

This cooking device can use by a right or left-handed person. Thanks to its adjustable cord, you can place it to stay away from your hand and convenience. In changing the attachment, push the release button and replace it with dough hooks.

All in all, this product could give you an easy baking life. The attachment also includes whisk, stainless steel dough hooks, and wire beaters. It has transparent storage that minimizes your problem keeping them away.

  • Robust built.
  • Easy and handy.
  • Durable with excellent mixing performance.
  • Limited warranty.

VonShef RED 250W Hand Mixer

VonShef is a known brand of kitchenware that never fails to guarantee its customer’s satisfaction. They could offer both affordability and quality. The VonShek Red 250w hand mixer is a perfect example of that.

They boast its compact size that combines with powerful performance. It is lightweight but can give a satisfying mixing action. Its five-speed setting offers a significant effort in whichever mode it must be. It also has a turbo and eject button. These features are a big help to make its user cooking life comfy.

Like any other hand mixer, it also can start gradually to prevent splashes of ingredients. From slow mixing, you can end the performance at the right speed. The attachment is also simple to replace. Just eject the button so you can put another accessory, such as a dough hook.

And speaking of attachments, the package includes beaters, balloon and electric whisk, and dough hooks. All of them are stainless steel and rust-free.

So why are the other reasons why we choose to recommend this product? Aside from being dishwasher friendly, we recommend this because of its numerous benefits. Once you buy this, you will surely appreciate its versatility. You can use it in any bowel type and go deeper to reach the bottom for maximum action.

Overall, you will never go wrong if you buy a VonShek Red 250w hand mixer. It is ideal for a small kitchen or in a place with limited space.

  • 250w is ideal for a portable hand mixer.
  • It includes attachments.
  • It has useful 5-speed modes.
  • Easy to clean and operate.
  • It is not advisable to use this item for heavy mixing jobs.

LILPARTNER Hand Mixer Electric

Another recommendation that you must also consider. LILPARTNER Hand Mixer Electric could meet your mixing expectations as well. It’s a 5-speed mode, and the turbo button could help you reach your blending requirements easily. Just push the button modes and let the device do the rest.

The attachment includes two dough hooks, one whisk, and two beaters. Together with 400w power, these parts could help you improve your mixing requirements. Replacing your attachment is only one click away. Very easy to handle and clean because it is dishwasher friendly.

Handles are also one of the critical features of this item. It is comfortable to hold and wouldn’t give you a hard time. Its bilateral heat dissipation helps to reduce the heat that forms for a long time. In the end, you can continuously hold the handle of this mixer.

The body and parts of this cooking device are stainless steel and have firm materials. The smooth body is easy to clean and wipe, which saves time and effort. The item includes a storage case. You can put the attachment and save space.

They offer free replacement for damaged attachments. Just call them about it.

  • Bilateral Heat Dissipation.
  • Stainless steel attachments.
  • One-click eject.
  • Ultra power with 400w.
  • The weight is 1.9 pounds that are too light for a hand mixer.

Breville BHM800SIL Handy Mix Scraper Hand Mixer

Last but one of the best, the item Breville BHM800SIL is our final recommendation. If you want to upgrade and wish to mix more ingredients, this cooking device is a great pick. Its beating technology would indeed surpass your anticipation.

This hand mixer offers 240w that performs well. Aside from its power, its nine-speed mode could serve its user very fine. These features can provide a comprehensive range of activities for every baking and cooking needs.

Another bonus if you choose to buy this product, it comes too with storage where you can put its extras. You don’t have to join them with other silverware. It will save your time in finding the attachment in your drawer.

Aside from being easy to store, it is easy to use too. This tool’s handle has an exact grip spot, and while using it wouldn’t give you a hard time. It is not only limited to whipping, but it can also knead doughs. You can also use its pause features if you want to add ingredients to your ongoing process. Just push the switch and release it to continue its method.

The best part of this hand mixer is its mixing light that lets you see the ingredients. The rubber scraper beater is bowl-friendly, which would never cause scratches once it touches the surface. You will enjoy using this mixer.

  • It has a mixing light, count timer, and IQ technology that detects attachment.
  • It has nine speeds. Perfect for vast numbers of mixing ingredients.
  • Easy to use and hold.
  • Lightweight.
  • 1-year limited warranty.

Best Hand Mixer with Dough Hook – How to use?

Now, I am sure that within our recommended hand mixer, you have a prospect now. But before you push the add to cart button and check out, let’s know how to use this item correctly.

Why do we need to go over this? The reason is simple. In owning this item, you have to know some tips that could be helpful in using it. Here are the numerous guides that you can consider in owning these cooking tools.

  1. First and as a golden rule, always read the manual before operating it. Though all hand mixers are almost the same in appearance and function, they differ on the technicalities and extra features. Some have built-in light and others didn’t. So before trying to use your new cooking tool, it is better to know the navigations and do’s and don’ts that are mostly could see in it’s manual.
  2. You have to understand how it’s attachment works. You cannot use a beater in kneading dough. Always remember that their accessories have different designs and functions. Use it accordingly for the best result.
  3. Always unplugged your hand mixer when not in use and when changing the attachments to avoid accidents.
  4. Be responsible for your item cleanliness. After use, see to it to cleanse it to avoid hard stains in the beater. Store it after use.
  5. Moreover, add ‘one ingredient gradually’ as a golden rule too. It may help your ingredients combine successfully and let your hand mixer operates freely.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Will the hand mixer last long?

A: It depends. A hand mixer’s lifespan varies on the material’s durability and the user’s ability to handle it right. Typically, a hand mixer could last three to four years if it uses appropriately.

Q: Can I do something to extend the life of my hand mixer?

A: If you love your hand mixer that much and are not ready to let it go, you can stretch its lifespan by knowing how to take good care of it properly. Read the manual and carefully follow the do’s and don’t’s. Please do not abuse it and keep it always clean to prevent it from rusting.

Q: How do we know if the dough accordingly kneaded?

A: You will know if the sides of the bowl are clean and the dough is elastic like a rubber. If this is not visible while kneading, continue the procedure.

Q: What are the best way to clean my hand mixer and dough hooks?

A: The body of your hand mixer shouldn’t penetrate by water. It is better to wipe it with a clean cloth after use. You have to be cautious in cleaning it. The accessories should wash thoroughly after removing it from the mixer. Read the manual if it is safe to use a dishwasher.


So that’s our Top 9 best hand mixer with a dough hook. If you have come up with a decision, click the add to cart button and check out. We are sure that anything you choose from our best recommended item, it will satisfy your need. However, be sure to read the procedures, do’s and don’t’s of better performance and safety.

We do hope that this article answered your questions and help you in choosing the best hand mixer. Moreover, do not forget to take good care of the item once it was delivered. Let it be part of your life for a long time and serve you.

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