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Best Containers to Keep Ants Out – The Top 8

Ants are actually the house nuisance and it is frustrating to see ants walking in the colony. Moreover, it looks unsanitary to have those ants lining up in a single pile. They can actually cause havoc to us as some of them bite humans or can destruct some of the house materials. Generally, these bugs can contaminate our food that’s why it is very essential to store everything we consume in the best containers to keep ants out.

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We reviewed here eight of the best airtight containers available in the market. These containers generally help to keep ants out. Aside from that, we also have here helpful strategies on getting rid of ants inside our house. Important buying consideration is also discussed below to assist you in filtering down your choice. 

Storage Strategies to Keep Ants Out

Generally, preventing ants inside the house is one of the problems that you should have to take care of. Those bugs will march endlessly in a single line going into the sources of food inside your house. However, the sad reality is that these little creatures are not easily deterred making it necessary for you to take some measures in getting rid of those bugs.

Luckily, several steps are available to store the foods inside your house properly and appropriately in an order that the ants would not able to bother it. Keep in mind that these pests generally like to munch on bread, crackers, sugar, and other dry foods. However, they do not actually get indulging into the food easily as they want. Here are some tips that you can follow to prevent ants invasion:

1. Bay leaves

Simply sprinkle or lay bay leaves within places where ants can go and munch your source of food. For example, you can spread bay leaves within the cupboard where your foodstuffs are in. Aside from that, it may also help if you place some leaves below the fridge. Fortunately, other pests can also be prevented like the silverfish or weevils if you use bay leaves.

2. Vinegar

Basically, the ants cannot withstand the vinegar and they will basically stay clear of the area. To clear of the ants, wipe down the area with vinegar. Remember, that the vinegar is a good disinfectant. Moreover, it will also make the kitchen generally clean. Don’t worry about the smell as it will go away fast.

3. Lemons

In order to use lemons to keep ants out, simply squeeze it out or place the peels in areas where they usually enter. Aside from that, washing the floor with water plus a small amount of lemon juice also works. Doing this will keep ants out as they do not like the aroma of the lemon juice. Keep in mind that anything sour and bitter can keep ants out. Knowing this, make sure that you have a handful of lemon or citrus fruits inside your kitchen.

4. Baking soda

Aside from vinegar, the baking soda is another no-no for ants. However, using this as a home strategy to get rid of ants is actually a messy thing. The best thing to do with it is to find the portal of entry of ants inside your home and put directly the baking soda there. Generally, the baking soda is excellent to keep ants out.

5. Pepper

Another thing that ants hate is pepper. So, to keep ants out, sprinkle some pepper within the area and the ants portal of entry. This step will generally help in preventing the ant’s entry. You can consider using either cayenne pepper or black pepper. Whatever you want, they are both hated by ants.

One more trick to keep ants out using the pepper is to make a pepper solution and spray it close to their portal of entry. Actually, the pepper will not kill ants but it will prevent these bugs from entering. Just clean the area before spraying your pepper solution.

6. Salt

Salt will also keep ants out if you spread it near the corners of their portal of entry. Moreover, table salt is the most affordable way to prevent ants from coming inside your house. Just boil water and add a large amount of salt. Stir the water with the salt until it completely dissolves. Eventually, spray the salt solution in areas where there is ant invasion.

7. Cinnamon

Using cinnamon to keep ants out is very simple. Just put it on the house entrance and ant’s portal of entry. Moreover, using cinnamon can also makes your house fresh smelling due to the earthy aroma of the cinnamon. Most often, cinnamon is considered as one of the effective home remedies for getting rid of ants.

Naturally, cinnamon acts as an insect repellent and its strong smell cannot withstand by the ants. To get a more effective result, add some essential oil to the cinnamon powder. This will generally give off a strong smell to keep ants out. 

8. Peppermint

Another natural insect repellent is the peppermint that is very helpful in keeping ants out. Ants do not also like the smell of the peppermint so they will surely avoid any traces of it. Moreover, peppermint emits a very strong aroma that cannot be tolerated by these bugs. Through this way, the ants can be kept away.

Just simply make a mixture of peppermint essential oil using 10 drops of it and a cup of water. Spray it over areas where ants can possibly enter. Repeat the process twice daily. You can also consider sprinkling dried peppermint over the area where ants are going.

9. Combination of dried yeast and powdered sugar

Mixing equal parts of dried yeast and powdered sugar is generally deadly for ants. Place the mixture on the container lid where ants are supposed to get in. Once they drink or take a bite on it, they will pop.

10. Clean the area

The most basic and best method to keep ants out of the food or food area is to keep is clean. Immediately wipe up any crumbs, other foods, and spills present around. The more the area is clean, the more it is better to keep ants out.

11. Block entry

Generally, if the ants do not have the ability to get inside the house, it also means that they cannot get near your food sources as well. Look for the possible areas where ants can get into your home. Block holes and cracks on the floors and walls by caulking. Moreover, there are also organic sprays that you can use to keep ants out.

12. Airtight containers: the best containers to keep ants out

Containers with airtight features basically keep ants out of the food supply inside your house. In case you have a feeling that the ants can get into the food, simply store it in airtight containers to keep ants out.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Containers to Keep Ants Out

Buying the best containers to keep ants out generally needs to consider several factors. Check here and let this serve as your guide in buying the best storage containers:


Commonly, in the market, you can see storage containers made of glass and plastic materials. Between the two, the glass offers more uses and is generally suitable for use in the oven. The downside is that the glass storage container is quite heavier and is basically fragile. That’s why glass containers are not good to carry on the go.

Meanwhile, plastic food storage containers are BPA-free and are safe for use. However, there are still consumers who believe that storage containers made of glass material are a safer option. This storage container prevents the potential occurrence of leaching of the chemicals.


The usual shapes of the storage containers are round and rectangular. Round shaped food containers are perfect for salads and liquid contents. However, the rectangular are highly suitable for storing meats and side dishes. The bonus on this is that the square corners are neatly stackable. Yet, both shapes are the perfect match for the best containers to keep ants out.


When looking for the best containers to keep ants out, you should check for the lid because if it doesn’t seal perfectly, it would generally break the deal. There are storage containers that have simple press-down lid closure and some have side clasps.    

Top 8 Best Containers to Keep Ants Out

OUR TOP PICK: Rubbermaid Food Storage Clear Container

Product Name: Rubbermaid Food Storage Clear Container

Product Description: Generally, being clear glass storage container, this is one of the best containers to keep ants out. The transparent glass allows you to see what’s inside the container. Rubbermaid Food Storage Clear Container is easily stackable, lightweight, and leak proof. It basically keeps ants out due to its airtight seal with snap closure for added protection. This example of the best containers to keep ants out has assorted sets and various sizes that are highly suitable for the pantry. You can use this as storage for salad mix-ins. Additionally, other containers included on the set are removable which vary on the storage content.

  • Versatility
  • Leak-proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability
  • Portion size


Due to the airtight seal, the Rubbermaid Food Storage Clear Container generally secure locks preventing any spills and leaks. That’s why it is also one of the best containers to keep ants out. Packing and storing something to munch for snacks or a good way of storing any meal preparations, this clear storage container is the best option.


  • Safe to be placed inside the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher
  • BPA-free
  • Stain and leak-proof


  • Storing the lids is cumbersome

Best Containers to Keep Ants Out: THE RUNNER-UP

OXO Good Grips POP Container Set

best containers to keep ants out

Another example for the best containers to keep ants out is the OXO Good Grips POP Container Set. This container set from OXO has the latest design feature. The one-handed style of its lids basically creates an airtight seal. Moreover, the lids tend to be sleeker giving way to an easy to clean feature.

Other containers on the set are capable of storing accessories like scoops for measuring dry goods. Since it is actually designed to keep ants out, it can store flour and sugar for a maximum weight of five-pound. Moreover, this OXO Good Grips POP Container Set can be securely and neatly stackable so that you can monitor which one needs a refill.

Product Features

  • Maintains the freshness of the contents in an organized manner
  • With patented airtight silicone push-button seal
  • Have one-handed efficiency
  • The top portion is dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Highly stackable
  • Costly
  • Not portable on the outside use

Joseph Joseph Sky Lock Container

best containers to keep ants out

Basically, if space is your main concern, the Joseph Joseph Sky Lock Container is the perfect option. It is a nested container with nested lids making it one of the best containers to keep ants out. The airtight seal is actually present by snapping the lid on the containers. Moreover, you can see the content of the container which is a good feature.

Product Features

  • Unique space-saving style
  • With lids that are highly lockable, leak-proof and airtight
  • Both the containers and the lids are safe for use on a freezer, microwave, and top-rack dishwasher
  • With various sizes that guarantee appropriate sizing
  • Lids are challenging to lock

Ello Meal Prep Glass Container

best containers to keep ants out

The silicone covering of the Ello Meal Prep Glass Container is the main responsible for making this storage container slip-proof. Moreover, it generally helps in maintaining the outside part of the container cool enough to hold it and take it out from the microwave. Stacking this one of the best containers to keep ants out is very easy and convenient due to its rectangular shape.

Product Features

  • With thick silicone covering which protects the glass from breaking and chipping
  • Safe inside the microwave and the dishwasher even with the sleeves on
  • Completely BPA free
  • Safe inside the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher
  • Suitable for even food sectioning
  • Snap off the issue of the clips

Snapware Meal Prep Food Storage

best containers to keep ants out

Generally, the Snapware Meal Prep Food Storage is a glass container that is also one of the best containers to keep ants out. This container is highly proven to be entirely airtight keeping the food fresh all day long. However, the materials of the locking lids come from plastic which needs the use of waxed paper or plastic wrap for stain prevention.

Product Features

  • The lids are leak-proof
  • Includes 4 locking tabs
  • BPA free and safe for use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher
  • Resistant to odor, stains, or flavors
  • With write and erase label located on the lids
  • Lock lids are stable in place
  • Composed of too many lids with clips

Anchor Hocking Airtight Glass Storage Container

best containers to keep ants out

If there is a container that garnered the highest rank in the test for keeping the air out, it is none other than the Anchor Hocking Airtight Glass Storage Container. Meaning to say, the freshness of the content is maintained inside. Aside from that, it is also one of the best containers to keep ants out.

The main material of this storage container is glass which makes it highly suitable for use in the oven with a temperature of 425OF. Moreover, the lids are also transparent allowing a complete peaking of the inside content. Additionally, a flexible edge is also a great feature of the Anchor Hocking Airtight Glass Storage Container which helps to resist cracking.

Product Features

  • Allows quick cleaning being dishwasher safe
  • Easily makes meal prep which is perfect to store food either on the refrigerator or freezer
  • A healthy choice glass container that does not stain or retain the smell of the food
  • Clear top lids
  • Easy to place over and get off
  • Lids do not prevent slipping

Lekue Turquoise Food Container

The Lekue Turquoise Food Container is actually the best choice for storing snacks and on the go packing trips. Because of that, this food storage container is also considered as one of the best containers to keep ants out. It is very easy to use by simply unscrewing the top portion with just one hand.

Product Features

  • Contains collapsible cup to keep the dryness of the ingredients
  • Generally leak-proof storage container
  • Highly suitable for storing snacks, desserts, and even soups
  • With several compartments for various snacks
  • The handle is convenient to pull out of the bag pack
  • Limited sizes

Foodsaver Clear Vacuum Container

Actually, the vacuum seal type of best containers to keep ants out available in the market in numbers of varieties nowadays. This container has a unique style and does well with the GT Tested-vacuum sealer. Moreover, testing results reveal that the Foodsaver Clear Vacuum Container is user-friendly and keeps the seal for more days.

The Foodsaver Clear Vacuum Container which is one of the best containers to keep ants out has the ability to store dry salad greens or fresh salmon inside the refrigerator. Aside from that, it is also a good way of storing marinated food without any leaks. Generally, the design of this transparent container comes on a slim, lightweight, and compact style.

Product Features

  • With airtight seal that maintains the freshness of the food in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry
  • Highly stackable to have more and well-organized space in the kitchen
  • Extremely durable due to its crack and shatter-resistance ability
  • Includes an easy to use vacuum indicator
  • Safe for use on the freezer, microwave, and on the dishwasher
  • BPA free
  • Transparent bottom
  • Easy to use
  • The “marinate mode” feature is also similar to other marinating process or tools

Final Thoughts

The best containers to keep ants out are generally helpful in preventing their entry into the source of food inside your house. There are actually two types of materials in which this container is made of – the plastic and the glass. However, you must have to look for the airtight feature to be able to ensure that the ants won’t have to enter on it. Moreover, buying this kind of product entails various things for consideration which include the material, shape, lids, and other features that may come with it.

Aside from that, in terms of the airtight containers, also look for the one that is made of high-quality materials as it is a good idea for investment in the long run. So, instead of buying the affordable ones, go for the containers that can keep its durability over the years.

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