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Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

When you think about putting a cast iron skillet on a glass top, it may seem like an accident waiting to happen. Without a doubt, the glass’s smoothness is too sophisticated than the traditional stove with iron material and coil elements. Traditional stoves use electricity for cooking, but the glass stove top utilizes a heating element positioned underneath the glass-ceramic surface material instead of off on the top portion. Thus, it is crucial for you to know the best cast iron skillet for glass top stove on the market and when to use it.

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Why Is a Glass Stovetop so Appealing?

Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

One of the advantages of a glass top is the smooth surface makes it easy and effortless to clean and maintain. The flat surface means zero spaces between the coils, and no food can spill out.

Another pro to the glass top style over the coil stove design is that the surface’s smoothness is level. It ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the body.

However, when it comes to what cookware utensil works best on glass stovetops, it is advisable to utilize pots and pans medium to heavyweight. It typically will have a flat bottom. Stainless steel is another popular option, followed closely by materials of copper and aluminum.

However, what happens when some of your preferred cookware is made of cast iron?

Is It Possible to Utilize an Iron on a Glass Stove?

Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

One of the downsides of a glass stovetop is the surface is made of glass, which can get stressed easily by rough cookware. Experts suggest that some kinds of cookware cannot be used on glass top stove material such as glass, stoneware, and cast iron. The following are some reasons.


When the stove utilizes glass over the top, cast iron material can easily cause scratches and damage the surface area. The top reason is the weight of the cast iron is heavy. Once you add water from soups and stews, the pot becomes even heavier. That is plenty of weight resting on the top of the surface of a glass cooktop.

Cooking With Glass Top Stove Utilizing Cast Iron

Cooktops were designed to handle a lot of weight. But a cast iron, even if you slightly drop it on the surface while you’re lifting it can easily crack the stovetop. The result is permanent damage to your glass stovetop that will now need to be replaced.

Uneven bottom

The top cookware for the glass top utilizes a flat bottom so that the heat can be distributed evenly throughout the bottom surface of the cast iron. However, it is typical for cast iron pans not to have a perfectly flat base. Instead, they have rough spots and certain bumps on the bottom, which can easily scratch the glass top. In some cases, it leaves behind extremely deep scratches that can result in discoloration of the stove surface.

What Is the Ideal Size of Cast Iron Pots and Pans for Glass Top Stoves?

Another good reason why glass stovetop brands avoid using cast iron cookware is its size. Numerous cast iron pots and skillets utilize larger dimensions that the burners on the stove can accommodate.

When it comes to heat efficiency, it is recommended that the cookware size for glass should be no more than 1 inch bigger in size than the surface. Once it becomes too big, the heat will not be able to evenly distribute across the bottom’s surface, which can lead to food becoming undercooked.

The bigger size of cast iron cookware can also cause damage and even mitigate the life of the heating element technology when it traps heat for long periods beneath the bottom surface.

Finishing of cast iron

Keep in mind that cast iron pans’ surface finish is rougher rather than the ideal smooth texture. Thus, a rough surface along with a bumpy and uneven bottom can quickly cause scratches on the glass top. However, one exception is to purchase a cast iron that is coated with porcelain enamel. It makes the pan smoother and more even.

Is It Possible to Protect the Glass Top From a Cast Iron?

Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

Although there are numerous warnings about iron on a glass top, there are you can shield your stove from damage and still cook with it. Yes, it is possible to have the best of both worlds!

If you’re going to utilize your favorite cast iron on your glass stovetop, it is crucial to get into the habit of lifting the pan rather than sliding it across the surface.

Even if you have to move the pan just by a mere inch, it sits better over the heating area; it is crucial to lifting the pan instead of sliding it.

You must also be conscious never to drop the pan.

How to Protect the Glass Top Stove From Cast Iron Material Pots and Pans

As mentioned, cast iron material is weighty when it is filled with food. The pan is more comfortable to drop compared to other cookware. It is always crucial to lifting the cookware with both hands to ensure you have a good grip on it. Afterward, set it down carefully in one place so there won’t be scratches.

Avoid merely washing your cast iron cookware after you have finished utilizing it. 

Oil can collect on cast iron pans and small bits of food compared to other types of cookware, which means that when you heat the cast iron pan, the oil and the deposits of food will start to carbonize and burn. It might leave unsightly stains and smudges on the glass top surface.

In some cases, these stains can be a challenge to get rid of from the glass top. It is crucial to clean the cast iron both after using it and thoroughly again before cooking with it, preventing scratches and damage to the stovetop.

Utilizing a heat diffuser

Another way to cook on a glass top stove and utilize your cast iron pan is to cook and heat food via a heat diffuser. You may be asking what a heat diffuser is.

It is true to its name and does just that. They diffuse and distribute heat throughout the pan’s bottom. Heat diffuser utilizes durable material. It can also help shield your glass top from the heaviness and rough bottom of a cast iron pan. Imagine a heat diffuser serves as a buffer between the bottom of the pan and the stove’s surface.

You can purchase it at a kitchen or hardware store supply at an affordable price. Place the diffuser on your glass stovetop. After this, carefully place the cast iron pan over it. Turn on the stove to medium. Because of the pan’s heavyweight, make sure to shift the diffuser away from the heating surface.

Cook as you usually would. It mitigates the risk of scratching the stove surface when you utilize your cast iron pan.

However, you need to follow a precaution when utilizing a heat diffuser over a glass top stove. Make sure to be cautious of the temperature. If you heed the diffuser in too high heat, it may damage both the heating element technology and the stove surface. 

Is It Possible to Mitigate Scratches on My Glass Stovetop?

When the stove utilizes glass over the top, cast iron and other pans can scratch the surface. There are several tips to mitigate scratches on the glass top of your stove.

Always apply caution

Iron cookware is similar to stoneware and ceramic material. Both of these pans can result in scratches and damage to the glass top. It is crucial to follow similar cooking rules for cast iron material.

Move the pan carefully

The same is valid for moving any pan around the stove surface. It would help if you got into the habit of moving the pan carefully. Over time the surface of your stove will incur scratches that look unsightly.

Objects never to use

Steer clear of using cookware that has rounded bottom edges. Instead, go for pans that are more stable when settled on the stovetop. It has fewer chances of moving around on the surface.

Top 3 Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove



Product Name: Calphalon Cast Iron Cookware

Product Description: When it comes to getting the right taste and sweet flavors, this best-cast iron skillet for a glass top stove should be on top of your list. It is especially true if you miss your grandmother’s cooking. Aside from utilizing secret ingredients utilizing the best cooking pan can make a huge difference in your results. Calphalon's best-cast iron skillet for glass top stove allows users to cook slowly or the traditional style. The design and the casting process of the skillet utilize iron for heavyweight and strength. It ensures that there is an even and steady heat distribution across the surface. It cooks your meals evenly. Additionally, this iron skillet has exceptionally high heat retention. It ensures that your food is warm before serving. Calphalon, in contrast to noniron skillets, comes pre-seasoned. It has a cooking surface that offers nonstick properties to make food release easily for a hassle-free and effortless cleaning and maintenance experience.

Availability: InStock

  • Materials
  • Construction
  • Durability


Another fantastic feature of this skillet is the oversized handles. It makes handling the skillet safe and easier. Additionally, it is more comfortable to hold the skillet utilizing the extended edges.

It is incredible for traditional and slow cooking techniques. It is engineered to distribute heat evenly and steadily across the surface. It helps distribute heat effectively, so food stays warm when you serve.


  • Nonstick for effortless food release
  • Extended edges for optimum grip
  • Even heat distribution


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Victoria Cast Iron Skillet Large Frying Pan

Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

The Victoria cast iron skillet best cast-iron skillet for a glass top stove, is ready to use. It is applied with a special seasoning. The seasoning is a high heat oil, which is 100% flaxseed oil, allowing users to cook with less fat.

This product also utilizes dual-core spouts and a too long curved handle for effortless cleaning experience and handling. Furthermore, the long handle stays cool for a longer time, and make sure your hand doesn’t have to touch the stove.

However, the downside is the Victoria cast iron skillet has a rough cooking surface. But it eventually smoothens out once you have seasoned it. This cast-iron measure 12 inches and offers an excellent heat distribution and good retention.

What is even better is a lifetime warranty guarantees the cookware. It ensures customers of excellent performance, durability, and safety. This is also a versatile model since it can be utilized to grill, bake, cook, and serve on the table.

It also has better performance. It is the season frying pan that can keep your food warm for over 15 minutes. 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ensures good performance, durability, and safety
  • Long handles for optimum grip.
  • No negative reviews so far

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet


The Lodge cast iron skillet best cast-iron skillet for a glass top stove, is a unique brand on the market since it utilizes an Eco-friendly manufacturing process. This product is available in a wide range of sizes meaning there is a perfect size to fit your needs. Typically, the 12-inch model works optimally for a majority of cooking styles. However, there are smaller options, especially for cooking pancakes and eggs. Furthermore, this product comes pre-seasoned, utilizing 100% vegetable oil with 0 synthetic coding and additives making it an environmentally friendly option. This cookware also offers incredible heat retention and retains the flavor incredibly well. Also, it utilizes silicon handles to allow for easier handling.

The sizeable cast-iron skillet can withstand heat up to 450°F. It ensures a versatile cooking experience. It is ergonomically designed, allowing cooking on a wide range of surfaces, including campfires and grill surfaces.

Another essential thing to note is this product is dishwasher safe. It is convenient to clean and maintain after use. Additionally, the helper hands offer effortless carrying and handling. There is no doubt that this product is one of the best-cast iron skillets for glass top stoves.

  • Can withstand heat up to 450°F
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No negative reviews so far


It is possible to utilize a cast-iron skillet on a glass top stove. An iron skillet offers a cooking experience like no other. It is irreplaceable in the kitchen. However, modern glass top stoves are not compatible with iron material. Because of this, you may have to utilize additional accessories such as a heat diffuser to make sure your glass top stove is protected. Overall, using an iron skillet on a glass top stove is not impossible as long as you choose a flat bottom.

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