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Best Blender to Make Baby Food – Our Top 5!

Feeding the baby with her first solid foods may come around 4 to 6 months of their age. Luckily, strict policy regarding the basic food that you need to feed to them does not exist. Meaning, you can choose to give them prepacked or homemade baby food. But, in case you ended up on giving them a homemade one, it is actually better to own the best blender to make baby food.

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In this blog post, we reviewed here five of the best baby food blender available in the market today. Aside from that, we will also share to you the advantages and disadvantages of making your own version of food your baby. Factors that you may consider when buying the baby food blender are also here to help you to filter down your choice. 

Benefits of Making Baby Food

Making baby food and taking the time to look for the best blender to make baby food entail numbers of benefits. Aside from being aware of your baby’s food content, there are still other good reasons behind making homemade food for your little ones. Below are those reasons:


Buying commercially-made baby food is generally expensive. Keep in mind that in the feeding stage of an American baby, there will be about 600 jars of baby food to consume. Knowing this, you will able to discover that preparing the baby food at home can help you in saving a lot of your money.

*Be aware of the baby food content that your baby will consume

The reality behind commercially-available baby foods is that they are packed with lots of preservatives and high amount of sugars. Aside from that, there will also be the presence of other harsh chemicals. So, it is generally obvious that if you process your own baby food at home, you will have a direct idea on the content of the food that you will be feeding to your baby. In fact, you can even choose organic fruits to make puree if you want.

*Lots of food variations

Generally, purchasing commercial baby food restricts you to specific kinds of ingredients. Making your own baby food will not limit you on the ingredients that you can use. A well-balanced diet is usually essential for one’s health, most likely for children. It would also be a great option for you to add your preferred herbs so that you will end up preparing delicious and healthy food for your baby.

*Enhanced nutritional value

As the baby grows, feeding them is crucial as it helps them in proper growth and development. So, this means that eating a balanced diet and getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals should be considered. Having that in mind, you should also be aware that some of the best blenders to make baby food has the ability to steam foods to maintain the essential nutrients in it.

*Fresh food

Making baby food at home will allow you to use purely fresh ingredients. Commercially-available baby foods are processed through a very high temperature for the purpose of killing the bacteria. Afterwards, the food will be stocked on the shelves for a number of months or even a year prior to feeding.

*Ability to eat food similar with the family

Another advantage of making baby food is that you can feed your little ones with the same food as your family is eating. This is actually a good step in introducing food to your baby and prevents them from being a picky eater.

Drawbacks of Making Baby Food

So, if there are highlights in processing food for baby, there are also some disadvantages. Here are those:

*Needs time of preparation

Basically, preparing food for the baby would be very difficult especially for busy parents out there.

*Inconvenient during travel

Typically, most packed baby food can be very easy to bring anywhere even without refrigeration. Yet, there is actually no rule restricting the carrying of the homemade baby food as you travel. But, bringing some would definitely be very challenging.

*Requires refrigeration

Since it is homemade, the baby food does not have any preservative which is an artificial ingredient. So, this makes the food high for potential spoilage. Meaning to say, refrigeration is a primary requirement to keep the food fresh. Because of this, you need to have lots of space and expect to face the struggles of storing those foods away.

*Offers a gross taste

All baby foods available in the store have high sugar content. Basically, manufacturers add sugars to mask the bitter and gross taste of the baby food. Generally, the fruits and vegetable content of the baby food are not yet ripe making them create a bitter taste.

Ways on Making Homemade Baby Food

If you prefer to feed your baby with your own version of baby food, it requires an appropriate procedure of doing so. Although the available baby foods in the market are very convenient and far better in preparing, it is still the best option to do it on your own. And, if you already end up on that idea, consider the following steps:

Safe ways of baby food preparation and serving

  1. Wash hands with soap and water prior to feeding your little ones. In case you cannot avoid touching raw meat, eggs or fish while you are feeding the baby, better to do hand washing again. Do this always.
  2. Ensure that the utensils you will be using and the surfaces that you will be working are all clean. Moreover, always maintain the coldness of cold foods and warmness of warm ones. Also, keep in mind not to store homemade baby food at room temperature for greater than one hour.
  3. If you decide to feed your baby cooked eggs or you will be using cooked eggs to make baby food, remember to cook them very well prior to serving. Eggs that are uncooked are the best sources of salmonella. For more safety, you can also consider using pasteurized eggs.
  4. Additionally, always feed your baby with a pasteurized form of food especially for milk, juice, cheese and other dairy products. Basically, avoid raw in order to prevent the occurrence of infection from bacteria.
  5. While preparing the baby food and you need to taste it, always use a fresh spoon. You can also wash the spoon after each tasting.
  6. In case, you are not confident with the freshness of the food, just throw it away immediately.

Generally, to guarantee that the baby is taking in good and essential nutrients, the smartest way to do is to make baby food. Aside from that, you can also save more money along the way.

Purchasing the appropriate materials to make baby food

Basically, to make baby food, you need to have something that can help you to grind or puree the food. You may consider using the best blender to make baby food or a food processor. This kitchen equipment might already be present in your home already. Aside from that, you can also choose specific gadgets that aim to make baby food. That includes the following device:

  • Manual food mill that basically contains various blades for creating different food texture
  • Food grinder to make baby food
  • Multi-functional baby food maker which can be used as a steamer, cooker or puree foods

Yet, it will always be your choice and it is not actually bad to consider using the basic fork sometimes especially when you are mashing soft foods like bananas or avocados.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Blender to Make Baby Food?

Before grabbing your new best bud in preparing homemade foodies for your baby, better to check for the following factors to end up buying the best blender to make baby food.

1. Size

Generally, if you have limited space at your kitchen countertop, you must have to go for a small size best blender to make baby food. This will highly guarantee that there is proper fitting of the blender into the available space. Moreover, it will also fit in perfectly with the design of your kitchen aesthetically.

Aside from that, smaller blenders to make baby food do not have heavyweight. Because of that, it highly features the portability of the blender which makes the transfer from one place to another basically at ease.

2. Features

Most of the premium quality best blender to make baby food involve excellent features. So, this means that restricted features do not have the ability to create simple ingredients into a great-tasting baby meal. That’s the reason why you need to go after the best blender to make baby food with numbers of features. Despite being costly, it will generally offer outstanding results.

3. Versatility and Functionality

The best blender to make baby food of today’s time has the ability to process meat. Moreover, aside for blending, the latest models can also perform steaming or making other foods like smoothies.

4. Price

Every blender has a different price range. Typically, the best blender to make baby food that has excellent features may come at a higher price. But, you must expect this if you want to have a great-performing blender to make baby food.

5. Ease of cleaning

When you will be buying the best blender to make baby food, consider to look for the one that has the ability to clean up easily. Check if it has parts that are not safe to wash over a dishwasher. 

Top 5 Best Blender to Make Baby Food

OUR TOP PICK: Magic Bullet Baby Blender

Product Name: Magic Bullet Baby Blender

Product Description: Our first choice for the best blender to make baby food is the Magic Bullet Baby Blender. It is just only a baby food maker blender and not a steamer. So, what makes it a good one? Generally, the Magic Bullet Baby Blender includes two blades to make great baby meals that would meet all your needs for your little ones. The blades present are for blending fruits and veggies and for milling grains, such as oats, to make cereals. Aside from the great blending performance of this best blender to make baby foods, it also has six containers and freezer tray as inclusion in the package. Operating the Magic Bullet Baby Blender is highly convenient as well as its cleaning process. So, this is a good baby product suitable for your needs.

  • Giftable
  • Design
  • User-friendly
  • Functionality


Generally, this best blender to make baby food is very convenient and absolutely user-friendly. Without the presence of any buttons, the blending and cleaning process is actually a breeze. Moreover, since it’s cute and generally useful, the Magic Bullet Baby Blender could also be a perfect gift for expectant mothers out there!


  • Ease of use
  • Blending and storing complex
  • Two blades system
  • Highly appealing


  • No cooker setting
  • Rubber under the blade easily deteriorates
  • Not completely dishwasher safe


Babymoov Multi-Speed Baby Blender

best blender to make baby food

The thing that makes the Babymoov Multi-Speed Baby Blender the best blender to make baby food is that it also works great for other meals within the kitchen. It contains steaming baskets and cup blender. Aside from baby food, Babymoov Multi-Speed Baby Blender is also perfect in making smoothies and soups for adults. Moreover, the cup blender has 11 cup capacity, meaning, one big batch will be made in single processing.

Basically, most of the best blenders to make baby food are designed for busy moms, with the help of the Babymoov Multi-Speed Baby Blender; you can already have pureed and cooked baby food in one food processor. The 2 basket streamers can be used simultaneously or separately. So, you have a blender and a steamer in one go.

Product Features

  • Conveniently programmable for different applications
  • Allows the nutrients and other vitamins to preserve naturally
  • Big batch processing that generally saves time
  • With LCD display and audio notifications
  • Includes a Double-Meal Port
  • Saves space due to 6-in-1 design
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Free from any harmful chemicals such as lead, phthalate, and BPA
  • Can also be used as milk bottle sterilizer
  • One machine with dual application
  • Can handle a big batch of processed foods
  • Maximum steaming time is not enough to take out hard foods such as sweet potatoes
  • Only works for soft food

Nuby Mighty Baby Food Blender

best blender to make baby food

Unlike the previous baby food blender, this best blender to make baby food does not have a steamer. Generally, the main function of the Nuby Mighty Baby Food Blender is to blend grains, fruits, and veggies. Aside from that, there are also different accessories present in the package such as the storage bowl for freezing and storing homemade foods for baby.

Moreover, the design of this best blender to make baby food is really cute and highly functional. In case your objective is only to blend baby food, the Nuby Mighty Baby Food Blender is actually a perfect choice.

Product Features

  • With enough storage containers for preparing, storing, and feeding homemade food for baby
  • Highly applicable for different baby stages of weaning
  • Includes two blades for blending and milling
  • Accessories for streamer basket are also present
  • With small and large containers for single feeding and large batch baby food quantity
  • With 22-piece set for blending and storing
  • Lovely design
  • No cooking function
  • Not dishwasher safe

Elechomes Blender Baby Food Processor

best blender to make baby food

The next in line on our list of the best blender to make baby food is the Elechomes Blender Baby Food Processor. Despite the absence of the digital operation section, there is the presence of button and turn knob. Moreover, the light blue color of the Elechomes Blender Baby Food Processor is basically suitable for baby.

In terms of reliability, this best blender to make baby food is generally perfect. It provides excellent functionality in one food processor machine. You can basically do food steaming, milk warming, sterilizing, and pureeing. Moreover, cleaning and operating is very easy to perform.

Product Features

  • Includes multifunctional food maker for baby
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Made of Tritan materials that are generally free of phthalates, BPA, and lead which is guaranteed safe for baby’s use
  • Highly reliable
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to clean
  • No other color selection
  • Not comes with digital button setting

Cuisinart Baby Food Maker

Cuisinart Baby Food Maker is another best blender to make baby food. This baby food blender generally helps busy moms to prepare baby food in a fast and easy way. It works by steaming and pureeing baby food in just a single bowl. There is an internal bottle warmer present in order to heat a baby’s bottle using the right temperature.

Product Features

  • With heating functions for purees and warming bottles
  • Blade-lock system that keeps the blade steady during the pouring
  • Produces spreading of steam more evenly for the more efficient and quick outcome
  • Completely seal the bowl for prevention of possible spits and effective steaming
  • The dial controller includes an LED light indicator
  • With powerful motor to steam quickly and chop precisely

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: For the purpose of practicality, baby food blender can only be used for a couple of months. That’s why it is better to choose an all around device like the hand blender. This kitchen equipment is generally a good choice when you want for something that can do the whipping up of baby food other than purees. Moreover, the simple hand blender is usually space-saving and very functional as the chopper part can also act as a small version of food processor.


A: Actually, the process to make baby food is such a very simple task. You can generally use either a blender or a food processor in pureeing the food. Other device options for doing such task are the stick mixer or the immersion blender. Using this kitchen equipment will basically help you in pureeing or blending the baby foods depending on the age of your baby.


A: Generally, the function of the blender is to process foods that will highly produce liquid outcomes. Meanwhile, a food processor is a device that turns food to something with a little bit solidity. Aside from that, the food processor has sharp blades that basically act to slice foods for thicker consistency.

Final Thoughts

The best blender to make baby food does not act to only blend foods for baby but also function to do other tasks. There are some blenders that can also be a steamer for quite some time. Purchasing this kind of kitchen equipment will be highly beneficial in saving your time and money as well. However, buying this product needs some factors for consideration which include the size, versatility, functionality, price, ease of cleaning, and other features that may come with it.

Moreover, when we speak about blenders to make baby food, buying the one with high-quality is a good idea for investment in the long run. So, instead of going after the affordable blender, it is better to stake your money on something that keeps its durability and great performance over the years.

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