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Arrange Kitchen Without Cabinets – Let’s Go!

There are a lot of ways how to arrange a kitchen without cabinets. Release the creativity inside of you, and you can do it. For some units or houses that have limited space, this article is right for you. It will surely help you and give some ideas on how to handle this simple situation.

Also, you can expect practical, stylish ways on how to arrange your kitchen. Make anyone swoon to its simplicity but worthy place to prepare meals for you and your loved ones. So for more details, continue reading about tips and genius suggestions on how to arrange your kitchen without cabinets.

How to Arrange Kitchen Without Cabinets? –  Best Solutions!

Small kitchens typically have little cabinets or none at all. And if you have time to plan before relocating here, consider our ideas written below to make your cooking space easy and comfy. Consider the suggested unique designs that would probably save you from a headache having a kitchen without cabinets.

*Organizers can save your day!

If you lack the organizers, then buy one before transferring to your humble abode. Keep in mind that You must choose an organizer that saves spaces and just so right to your kitchen size. Examples are the mug holders. Do not buy the big one if you are living alone. First, it will save you money, and second, it will save space. Witty, isn’t it?

Also, expand your cleverness by choosing a cooking caddy that will keep your condiments organize. Maximize your space by installing some pull-out cooking tools like a chopping board. However, before doing some installation, ask your landlady or landlords if it is okay. Sometimes, additional minimal structures are also stated in the leasing contracts better to check them first before taking another step to avoid troubles. But if you own the place, then installations wouldn’t be a problem on your part.

*Floats and rolls!

So if you don’t have any problem installing little changes in your kitchen, consider putting float shelves. Float shelves can use for placing pots for decorations, plates, condiments, or anything you want to set. The good news here is float shelves doesn’t take a lot of space in your kitchen. To make it more eye-catching, you can paint these shelves according to your kitchen color motif.

Rolls are also a big help to arrange your kitchen without cabinets. You can place them anywhere you want. But be sure to choose a rolling cart that is fit to your kitchen’s available size. Surprisingly, rolling carts are handy to save space and effort. You can also use their shelves for storage.

Arrange Kitchen Without Cabinets –  The Ninja way!

If you are moving from big to smaller space, then having more kinds of stuff to bring is a possibility. Adjustments are a big nuisance, but you have to face the most challenging part of your life. Choose only necessary things so you can finally move in.

But don’t be very sad. There are ninja ways on how to face this common problem. Here are ways how to arrange your kitchen without cabinets in a ninja way.

*Kitchen machine storage!

You heard it right. If you can’t let go of your stuff, you can use your oven as storage. You can place your extra chopping board and other different utensils here to save space. You can also use the top of the fridge to put some kitchen tools or other stuff. Some also consider dishwasher as their storage.

Every time you use the oven and the dishwasher, you have to remove all you store there. The good news is you can continuously put it back after a while.

*Create or reuse!

Being resourceful could also save you from the headache of how to arrange a kitchen without a cabinet. If you combine your talent in resourcefulness with style, this will indeed put an end to your doubts.

Since you cannot let go of your old stuff, then reuse it. Old curtain rods can use to hang some of your kitchen utensils. Also, long curtain rods can cut in half or smaller, so you can use them on hand towels to turn. Old pots can use as vases.

You can also create an organizer for a limited budget that will make sure handy on your utensils. Pegboards are not that that pricey and a flashy way to organized your cooking tools.

*Divisions for more storage

Still didn’t have the heart to let go of your old utensils? Then divide your storage! Putting division on your drawers or boxes to give space on some of your stuff is wise. It will not only save your items from a possible garage sale but also organized your overcrowded kitchen.

Moreover, you can use big food storage to store your kitchenware and all the stuff you think can help arrange your kitchen without cabinets.

Arrange the Kitchen –  The zoning way!

You can also consider identifying your stuff’s where group they do belong. Before unpacking all your condiments, kitchen wares, and more, first, you need to evaluate the whole area. Make plans on where you want them to place. The easy way is to put it on your notes and, from there, start them to the group.

We provide an example. Continue to scroll down and read our recommendations.

*The ‘Everyday Group’

It would help if you considered the stuff you needed most and use ‘everyday’ in this group. I suggest that in this group, as possible as it can be must place near you. The most comfortable access would be close to the table or sink. Things like glass, plates, bowls, cups, and other kitchen utensils you thought most important must belong in this group.

*The ‘Cooking Group’

Under this group, stuff must be near stoves or ovens for quick access. Things like pans, scoop, spoon, pots, oven mitts, trivets, spatulas, or cooking and baking tolls must be just around. In this way, you are not going through a lot of trouble storming your tiny kitchen.

How to Arrange Kitchen Without Cabinets? –  Reach it!

One of the struggles of a kitchen that doesn’t have cabinets is arranging it. It will force you to create a space for your essential kitchenware. However, this problem solves by placing your items near you without even bothering putting cabinets. Store them properly, and nearly the place where it should be could end your struggle.

Here are the ideas on how to maximize your space.

  • Counters must only have your knives, cutting board, condiments, vegetables, and small kitchen appliances such as toaster, blender, coffee maker, and others. However, kitchen appliances that you use seldom must conceal to prevent cramping.
  • Don’t put heavy things in high places in your kitchen. If you happen to put some of the kitchen appliances that you seldom use on top of the fridge could cause accidents. These appliances are best in low places or under the sink, or anywhere near your reach but stay hidden.

Other Useful Tips

If the above ideas don’t appeal to you or you are still looking for other ideas, try our other useful tips on arranging your kitchen without cabinets. It might help you figure out the best way.

If installing pegboards, floating shelves, and making your kitchen appliances as an alternative on your missing cabinet made you more confused, then try using the entire space of your kitchen wall as your storage. It would be one of the smartest and most comfortable ways. Putting in the cooking tools that you need almost the entire day could save you time. The ‘reach it’ concepts comes here too. In just one turn, you get what you need.

Also, the windows could be useful. Yes! You read it right. If your kitchen has windows, then this is such good news for you. It could be the bravest way, but there’s nothing we could do. We are maximizing and utilizing every chance and space your kitchen you have, so be bold! Go and hang your pans and other cooking utensils there. It is your window anyway, and no one can stop you.

Cabinets for Foods – alternatives and advice!

Foods are essentials and must be store properly. But how can we do this if your kitchen doesn’t have cabinets? Well, don’t be bothered. We list down the smart ways on how to use alternative stuff on how to store your foods.

  • You can use baskets as a substitute for food storage in the absence of cabinets, mainly fruits. You can place them in the center of the table for easy access.
  • Canned goods can place on plastic food storage or island storage.
  • Consider using Lazy Susan for bread and cookies.
  • Magazine files also can use for pasta box storage and crackers.
  • Jars can also use as food storage and display at the same time. This way is like hitting two birds in one stone! Very witty!


From the top and walls, we find ways on how to arrange a kitchen without cabinets. However, if all your things don’t fit your new cute kitchen for your convenience, you have to let go of all unnecessary items. It is the best way to save some space. If you don’t want to sell them, ask your friends who can take them.

We do hope that this article helps you with how to arrange a kitchen without cabinets. Keep in mind that there are always replacements. Also, be creative. These are the key things that could solve your problem with arranging your lovely little kitchen.

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