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15 Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Sometimes, designing the kitchen takes up not only your time of organizing but also your budget. Think of those appliances, kitchen equipment, and various utensils that can be the factors for making the kitchen organization project an expensive one. But, if you incorporate some of your imagination and use your creative skills, you will come up with small kitchen ideas on a budget.

As we go along, we will give you some of the important considerations that you need to know in terms of small kitchen organization. Aside from that, we also have here fifteen helpful strategies to design your small cooking area. At the end of this blog post, you will learn that organizing and overhauling the mini space in the kitchen is not that difficult. With the help of just some materials and a little bit of technique, you will create a more spacious cooking workplace.   

Important Considerations for Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Having a small kitchen area, your main goal is to primarily do the trick of producing illusions for a bigger space that involves creativeness in organizing and wise storage management. Below are some of the things that you must have to consider when you are deciding to employ small kitchen ideas on a budget.


One of the most functional and busiest areas within the house is the kitchen. This is where food preparation and cookware or utensils storage takes place. The problem is that it becomes messy and cluttered even after one cooking activity.

So, for this, you need to have durable countertops that will generally support in building a spacious illusion while giving off a functional cooking and baking area. In case your small kitchen still has the ability to manage a small dining area, consider placing the table or the kitchen island in parallel to the countertop. This can basically act as a second food preparation area when required.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that the chairs you will be using are also small in size that it can be tucked underneath the table. This way, the chairs will not block your way when you are doing the cooking or baking session. At the same time, they can be pulled out easily for dinner.

Consider having a breakfast bar

Another consideration for small kitchen ideas on a budget is the inclusion of a breakfast bar. If there are still open spaces inside your kitchen such as the counter edge, you can transform it into an extra eating area. However, if you are still under a tight budget, you can use old boards to make this happen.


One of the small kitchen ideas on a budget is to maintain the kitchen cabinets into one to two columns. This is generally applicable on narrow kitchen spaces. Keep in mind that more cabinets within the small kitchen induce the sense of claustrophobia. So, in order to get the focus straight, better to focus on the length of the room.

Moreover, for elevated storage, the illusion of bigger space involves having a space in the middle of the cupboards and the ceiling. If you are looking for other cabinet door options, consider using large drawers. They can be easily accessible and have deeper areas for housing utensils and other big kitchen items far from the counter area.


The proper placement of the appliances inside the kitchen will provide a smooth flow of the small kitchen area. Basically, it is much better if you consider the triangular method of arranging the appliances. Aside from achieving small kitchen ideas on a budget, you can also have accessibility within the frequently used appliances.

Usually, the triangle placement method of kitchen appliances works by placing three appliances near the range from each other. The measurement should not be greater than nine feet and not less than four feet. For example, place the refrigerator and the oven in a cooking range near the sink.

Moreover, when you have to buy kitchen appliances according to the small kitchen ideas on a budget, opt for models featuring minimalist style. This will generally reduce the visual disturbances and will also restore the structured appeal of the kitchen as well.

Another thing to remember is to keep out appliances that do not have an everyday purpose. For example, the slow cookers, mixers, and toasters, store them away from the countertop to create more working area.


small kitchen ideas on a budget

In choosing the colors that you should employ on the small kitchen, try to maintain its basic feature as much as possible. Keep in mind that too much color will give a disordered look on the kitchen. White color is a great option for a small kitchen area that usually results in boundless space.

Decorating the Kitchen: Small Kitchen Ideas on a Budget

Below are some of the small kitchen ideas on a budget that you might consider. These tips are economical ways on how you can maximize the small kitchen area that you have. Moreover, they are very convenient and the procedures are generally easy to follow when it comes to decorating your mini kitchen space.

1. Adorn the walls

The wall is one of the important parts of the kitchen as it also imparts some beauty over it. So, one of the small kitchen ideas on a budget that you could do is to incorporate adorable colors over the kitchen walls such as the indigo, dark green, and navy blue to name a few. Try playing with two different shades that blend well with every element inside your kitchen. Or you can also go for light colors.

Keep in mind that paint is the most basic way to improve the space making it as one of the small kitchen ideas on a budget. Moreover, using light colors in painting the kitchen cabinets is a good way to have a lesser cramped space. Not only that, lighter colors painted around the kitchen provides the bouncing of the natural and artificial light within the space. This is in contrast with the darker colors as they are considered as light absorber which will turn the kitchen space looks smaller.

Aside from the colors of the kitchen walls, another important consideration here is the amount of natural light. For example, you can use off-whites and warm grays in case your kitchen is facing the north or does not get enough natural light. Below are some of the examples of the most common light paint colors that you can employ in your kitchen wall:

  • Behr French Gray
  • Behr Snow Fall
  • Benjamin Moore Simply White
  • Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee
  • Benjamin Moore White Dove
  • Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray
  • Sherwin Williams Creamy
Consider wallpapers

Moreover, another option to decorate the kitchen wall is to use wallpapers. Aside from creating extra charm, it is also one option for small kitchen ideas on a budget. The wallpapers come in various designs and are applicable on any surface.

2. Add some decors on the inside of the kitchen furniture

Other small kitchen ideas on a budget are decorating the kitchen cabinets. Generally, kitchen cabinets are naturally adorable. So, what you’ll need is to add some ornaments inside it. For sure, it will infuse more personality within your kitchen.

Basically, decorating the inside portion of the kitchen cabinet can be achieved even with a low budget. With the help of some decorative papers, you can have these small kitchen ideas on a budget highly achievable. This decoration on the inside of the kitchen cabinet is generally applicable on the shelf with open or glass doors. 

3. Arrange your kitchen

Most kitchen supplies that take up much of the space inside the kitchen are the dishes, pots and pans, canned goods, and other grocery items. If these things pile up, it is really chaotic inside the kitchen which is very unappealing. So, one of the best small kitchen ideas on a budget and the most basic solution for this is to fix every element on it.

Moreover, ensure that the inside portion of the cabinets is systematized. For example, you may consider hanging the cooking utensils over the wall bar so that they are pretty much accessible. Additionally, for some touch of calmness, you can try to use steady storage boxes. These generally help in achieving good organization inside your kitchen making your cooking space look more adorable.

4. Incorporate liveliness and applicability

One more suggestion for small kitchen ideas on a budget is the use of already no purpose items such as the old bottles, pots, and other kitchen tools in ornamenting the kitchen. So, using these materials, you do not only recycle but you can also create a more organized kitchen creatively. To have an artistic and decorative flower vase, you can use wine bottles or juice glasses. Doing so is very basic as you only need to take off the labels and get the most uniquely designed bottles. The result will generally offer a good set of a flower vase on the kitchen table corner.

5. Make use of fabrics

Using some fabrics is another consideration for small kitchen ideas on a budget. Generally, fabrics are highly economical. Aside from that, they can be used in a variety of applications. This includes pots and bottles coverings which make those old items newly attractive. Basically, decorating your kitchen with fabric curtains gives you a country-style vibe. Go for fabrics with color variations and prints that blend well with everything inside your kitchen.

6. Explore the above-space of your kitchen cabinets

Small kitchen space becomes conducive when you make use of the vertical space available. Incorporate some storage by using the rooms on top of the kitchen cabinets. You can purchase stylish containers such as attractive baskets. These items will be generally helpful in housing items that do not have a regular purpose. Aside from that, they can also be used as attractive decorations on the cabinet top.

7. Hanging pots and pans via ceiling rack

One of the small kitchen ideas on a budget that also build good vertical storage is the hanging rack through the ceiling. In this area within the kitchen, pots and pans can be stored on a hanging position rather than consuming up the space inside the kitchen cabinet. Aside from the ceiling rack, the wall-mounted rack is another option.

8. Give in more colors through small rugs

small kitchen ideas on a budget

If you are still looking for small kitchen ideas on a budget, you may consider improving the ordinary kitchen mat into a more brilliant flat woven rug that comes in small sizes. This way, you can conveniently provide a glimpse of color and vibrant into your small kitchen area. Generally, there are lots of unique designs for this kind of rug under a budget-friendly price.

Moreover, go for a rug made of durable woven materials that feature ease of cleaning. Materials such as recycled polyester or cotton that is washable are the best materials for this kind of rug. Additionally, a non-slip rug pad is another great kitchen add-on as it guarantees the rug to stay in place. This is highly suitable within the kitchen as it is one of the areas with high-traffic.

9. Showcasing functional items

At a minimal space, the best small kitchen ideas on a budget are to look for an available spot. That spot is none other than the countertop or the kitchen wall. Basically, the best solution for this is to line up all the kitchen essentials according to their frequency of use. Afterwards, hang the tools on the wall using hooks or display them over the countertop.

Aside from being the small kitchen ideas on a budget, this technique is also a fast solution to showcase those kitchen tools. Consider stacking up the cutting boards or hang it on the hooks. With the use of the magnetic strip attached on the wall, flaunt the best knives. You can also hang some pots and pans over there just in front of the stove.

10. Put up extra storage on the inside door

The addition of the extra bins at the inside door of the kitchen cabinet will generally help to maximize the little space within the kitchen. Initially, begin with the cabinets located underneath the sink. Better to put all the dish soap and the sponges on the basket inside the kitchen cabinet to prevent cluttering.

11. Modify the backsplash

Because of the trending DIY projects, easy kitchen renovations or small kitchen ideas on a budget are on the rise to be included in your options. Basically, improve the backsplash by providing bold color or entertaining pattern. This will generally give an immediate impact on the small area of your kitchen.

12. Use the space below the upper cabinets

The racks located beneath the upper portion of the kitchen cabinet are among the other small kitchen ideas on a budget. This will basically empty the space of the counter and is also a great area to hold a paper towel. There are also specialized wine racks to accommodate hanging wine glasses or bottles.

However, if attaching anything below the cabinet is not a thing for you, consider installing a small storage bin on the bottom wall portion. Basically, this is the perfect area for housing cooking utensils, dishes, and mugs.

13. Create personal shelving

Even in a small kitchen space, the storage is still very important. With this, try open shelving as it tends to be bigger and less closed. Moreover, the creation of shelving is one of the small kitchen ideas on a budget. Woods, cabinet brackets, some nails or anchors are the primary tools you need. Aside from that, just ensure that you provide about 15 to 20 inches space across the countertop until the bottom of the lowest level shelf.

14. Put on some statement light

Generally, most small kitchens only use one light so better to choose something bold. Consider creating a statement by using distinct light of flush-mount type. You can also use vibrant pendant which looks like the cost-effective IKEA kitchen products. With this, you can have this one of the small kitchen ideas on a budget.

Try to have lights that are oversized so that it would give a statement over the small area of the kitchen. Keep in mind that a big light helps in expanding the room, meanwhile, numbers of small lights may make the kitchen looks cluttered. But, it is very necessary to know the measurement of the kitchen space. This way, you can generally guarantee that the size of the lighting does not have something to do with the functionality.

Moreover, the most important thing to remember here in terms of lighting is the main task or purpose of the light. Like, for example, you place lights below the cabinets. This will generally offer illumination on the countertops. Aside from that, you can also consider spotlights for not getting much of the ceiling area.

15. The shining, shimmering

The most basic and effective way of making the small kitchen area looks bigger is to let it have shine and sheen all around. For example, you may consider putting some glass table that can see the floors through it. This can also enlarge the floor space of the kitchen. Aside from that, appliances with shine and sheer textures will result to have larger space.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is an essential area inside the house. Whether it is only a small area to work with, it is still a crucial part of the house. The small kitchen ideas on a budget will generally help you to organize the kitchen area even with minimal spaces. Moreover, maintaining the overall appeal of the kitchen is highly important.

Most of the time, a little bit alteration or modification in a small space will already create a large difference. Considering the above kitchen ideas is as good as ending up with a brand new look inside your kitchen. Aside from that, it is also better to try affordable options before you dig in buying and dealing with overhauling your small cooking area.

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